Name A Character in Mark Millar’s Starlight

Starlight Issue 1

Ever fancied having a comic-book character named after you? Especially one in a book that’s been picked up as a big-budget movie by Fox? Well, via an eBay auction, Writer Mark Millar (Wanted and Kick-Ass) and Goran Parlov (The Punisher) are offering a unique opportunity to bid to have an alien character named after you in their hit comic Starlight, published by Image.

The organisers of the auction – which closes this week – say this is a major new character who first appears in issue #3 and whose meeting with Duke McQueen can be seen in the panel below. Once the auction is over, the blacked-out space will be replaced with the name of the winning bidder.


“You too can go down in history as a pop culture icon like Dave Lizewski, winner of the Kick-Ass auction, who has now been immortalized as a comic-book character, an action figure, a video-game hero and an action star in his own movie franchise,” the auction copy enthuses. The campaign seems to be working, too, because when we last looked the highest bid was at $510…

Starlight is published by Image Comics and the movie adaptation is being produced by Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Mr and Mrs Smith, Fantastic Four).

View the Starlight character auction, which ends on 10th April, here

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