New Andersonic ’zine out now, includes new “Stingray” strip

Andersonic Issue 27 - Promo

The latest issue of ace Gerry Anderson-inspired fanzine Andersonic, Issue 27, is available now, a 44-page issue offering features and a new, two-page, Stingray comic strip.

In this issue, Jeremy Briggs looks into the history of this well-remembered AirfixStarcruiser 1’ plastic kit from the late 1970s and, in a separate article, turns up something interesting in the Airfix vaults for Joe 90 fans.

Plus, producer Stephen La Riviere talks about the evolution of the new Supermarionation series Nebula 75, which began during 2020’s lockdown.

Andersonic also investigates “The Clip Episodes”. Produced to save time and money, but is there more to episodes such as The Inquisition and Security Hazard than that? We take a look.

In “Top Strips!”, Andersonic’s writers talk about their favourite Anderson-based comic strips and artists from TV21, Countdown and Look-In.

In “The Boxtree Years”, Chris Drake talks about writing his two books, Captain Scarlet and UFO & Space: 1999 for the publisher in the 1990s.

Plus, there are Episode Reviews of the Space: 1999 story, Collision Course, and UFO’s Court Martial – and the first part of a new Stingray comic strip, too, which editor Richard Farrell teases as a “riff on the current affairs/ crises of the early 1960s,” which “seemed pretty obvious, if you look at Lemoy [home to Titan’s agent, X20] as an analogue of Cuba.”

• To buy the new issue, head over to the Andersonic blog at | The blog also has details of all back issues which are still in stock

Price: UK: £3.70 incl. 2nd class postage | Europe: £7.00 incl postage | USA/ Canada: £8.60 incl postage | Australia/ NZ: £9.55 incl postage

The issue is also available via eBay – the link is here

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