New Dutch newspaper comic and exhibition pays tribute to the “Sunday Funnies” of yesteryear

Amsterdam-based cartoonist Chad Bilyeu has revived the “polychromatic effulgence” and sheer huge broadsheet impact of classic American Sunday comic strip newspaper supplements with his latest project. Megillah Sunday Funnies, a print newspaper and exhibition at Openbare Bibliotheek, Amsterdam, evokes memories of the Sunday strips of “Gasoline Alley”, “Little Nemo in Slumberland”, “Popeye”, “Krazy Kat” and more.

The exhibition opens today, Friday 3rd March and runs until Friday 26th May 2023.

“I thought it would be a great idea to bring back the full-page, full-colour comics that were once the norm in the Sunday comic section,” says Chad. He’s curated an international array of 35 artists who have created new and original artwork in the same format as the renowned classics rendered in contemporary styles with a modern spirit.

Contributors range from Audra Stang, Jay Stephens, Rich Tommaso, Gary Dumm & Laura Dumm and Yvan Guillo, alias ‘Samplerman’, to Bernie Mireault, Typex and Britain’s Michael Kennedy.

Alongside the exhibition, 2000 copies of the Megillah Sunday Funnies have been printed in colour on newsprint.

“’There are two ways to get a physical copy of this complimentary newspaper,” says Chad. “Either visit the exhibit and pick up a free copy, or get a free copy sent with any order from my storefront, Bistro Books.

“Once the 2000 physical editions are gone, they are gone forever; one run and then we’re done.”

Megillah Sunday Funnies, exhibition at Openbare Bibliotheek, OBA Oosterdok, Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 DL Amsterdam, Friday 3rd March and runs until Friday 26th May 2023 | Launch event details on Facebook | Web: |

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Here’s the line-up of all 35 contributors:
Audra Stang • Bernie Mireault • Boyane One • Chris Visions • Delicious Brains • Dido Drachman • Dotsy • EKS graphics • Eryc Why • Gary & Laura Dumm • Gees Voorhees • George Adegite • Gnartoons • James Corcoran • Jay Stephens • Jeroen Funke • John G • Joost Halbertsma • Lae Schäfer • Larie Cook • Michael Hacker • Michael Kennedy • Monica Gallagher • Peter van den Hoogen • Rachelle Meyer • Raeghan Buchanan • Remco Lee Polman • Renate Stuger & Sai Rodrigues • Rich Tommaso • Ryan Heshka • Samplerman • Schwantz • Sterric • The Unividuals • Typex

With thanks to James Corcoran and Paul Gravett

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