Out This Week: The Tammy and Jinty Special

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019Tammy and Jinty were two of Britain’s best-loved girls’ comics of the 1970s and ’80s – ground-breaking female-led comics that covered everything from science fiction and fantasy to romance and a whole lot of fun… and now they’re back, for what’s hopefully the first of many more Specials.

In the Tammy & Jinty Special, with a cover by Lisa Henke, a host of today’s finest comics creators and writers pay tribute to this legacy of trail-blazing comics with brand new and daring girl-led tales of magical items, archaeology, codebreaking, football, space adventure and more.

Reinventing old favourite heroines and introducing brand new leading ladies, join schoolgirl Justine as she discovers that superpowers and boyfriends don’t always mix in “Some Mino Troubles” and young footballer Rocky Race, struggling to follow in the footsteps of her superstar brother Roy, in “Rocky of the Rovers“.

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 - Messenger of Justice

Messenger of Justice

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 - Rocky of the Rovers

Rocky of the Rovers


Trainee archaeologists Aimee and Holly are in big trouble “In The Cold Dark“, haunted by a terror from the past; and space trash worker Val Vox digs up more than she bargained in “Affirmative Action“.

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 - In the Cold Dark

In the Cold Dark

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 - Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action

Maths geek Beck’s calculations take her somewhere she never expected in “The Enigma Variation,” while team work is the order of the day for the Stoneward roller derby team “Speed Demons“; and there are more magic mishaps with Maisie and Lottie having unusual days at school in “Maisie’s Magic Eye“, while “Duckface” offers a cautionary warning that you should be careful what you blog online…

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 - The Enigma Variation

The Enigma Variation

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 - Speed Demons

Speed Demons

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 - Masie's Magic Eye

Masie’s Magic Eye

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 - Duckface


The Special, edited by Lizzie Boyle, which also includes a great mini poster from Mike Collins and a back cover by Kit Buss, rounds off with an old favourite, as promising gymnast Bella gets the chance of a lifetime when she sees behind the gates at the Elite Academy for Girls in “Bella At The Bar“.

The Tammy and Jinty Special 2019 is on sale in newsagents and comic shops and via digital platforms from Thursday 26th June 2019 price £4.99/$7.99; for comic shop orders quote DIAMOND: APR191915

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by Emma Beeby (Writer) PJ Holden (Artist) Dearbhla Kelly (Colourist) Jim Campbell (Letterer)

by Rob Williams (Writer) Lisa Henke (Artist) John Charles (Colourist) Jim Campbell (Letterer)

by Andy W. Clift (Writer and Artist) Mike Stock (Letterer)

by Matt Gibbs (Writer) VV Glass (Artist) Mike Stock (Letterer)

by Kate Ashwin (Writer) Kel McDonald (Artist) Mike Stock (Letterer)

by Sarah Millman (Writer and Artist) Jim Campbell (Letterer)

by Rachael Smith (Writer) Yishan Li (Artist) Jim Campbell (Letterer)

by Grainne McEntee (Writer) Dani (Artist) Jim Campbell (Letterer)

by Rachel Ball (Writer) Vanessa Cardinali (Artist) Jim Campbell (Letterer)

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 - Bella at the Bar

Bella at the Bar

[amazon_link asins=’1781084521,1781086001,1781086516,1781086249,1781086257,1781086729′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’downthetubes’ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’8da6b251-6e9c-428e-947c-6ee969c153df’]

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