Panel Borders continues its look at Elephantmen + The Pod Delusion examines The Dandy cancellation

Elephantmen #25
In a companion podcast to last week’s episode, Alex Fitch continues his conversation with writer Richard Starkings and artist Ian Churchill about Elephantmen, a sci-fi anthropomorphic comic about animal / human hybrid soldiers coming to terms with life in the big city after being demobbed.

In a Q and A recorded at the Leeds Thought Bubble Festival, Autumn 2011, Alex discusses Elephantmen issue #25 and beyond, including the comic’s use of guest artists such as Tim Sale and Marian Churchland and the programme of collecting the title into chunky graphic novels.

(This is the last in the current series of Panel Borders, which will return on September 16th, 2012)

• Panel Borders: Taming the Elephantmen is online Sunday 26th August at /

The Dandy - 2012 editionThe Pod Delusion episode 150!

The Pod Delusion hits 150 episodes this week and as ever, mixes levity and serious issues in this regular counter-culture and alt-politics podcast. This celebratory episode kicks off with a bit of a grim start as we cover the debate of the definition of rape that the media has been having this week, as well as the continuing predicament of Julian Assange.

Then we get a bit more upbeat as we talk about atheism and religion, and Alex Fitch looks into possible reasons behind the cancellation of The Dandy… plus Salim Fadhley and Matthew De Abaitua discuss the Art of Camping!

Listen to The Pod Delusion – Episode 150 – 24th August 2012

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