Panel Borders: On the Brink of a Brass Sun with 2000AD’s  I.N.J. Culbard

Brass Sun Hard CoverConcluding a month of shows about ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’ on the smashing podcast (and radio show Panel Borders, Alex Fitch talks to artist I.N.J. Culbard about his work for 2000AD on strips such as ‘clock-punk fantasy’ serial “Brass Sun” and the forthcoming “Brink”.

Ian also explains his unusual method for drawing Dan Abnett’s anthropomorphic adaptation of The War of the WorldsWild’s End, published by Boom! – plus his recent graphic novels for SelfMadeHero: Celeste and The King in Yellow.

This is the last in the current series – Panel Borders will return in a new slot on Resonance and format in September.

• Panel Borders: On the Brink of a Brass Sun is available via at

• Listen to it here

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