Razorjack graphic novel by John Higgins hits stores tomorrow

Razorjack Cover

Tomorrow (17th September) sees the launch of a a brand-new edition of the graphic novel Razorjack by John Higgins in book and comic stores.

Written, drawn and coloured by John, this 104 page graphic novel from Titan Comics is the ultimate edition of Razorjack: restored, remastered and reworked for a whole new audience. This edition also uses some sketches and designs from a planned but as yet unpublished Razorjack illustrated novel The Iced Heart, with loads of new stuff lovingly crafted with the help of Mike Carroll and Sally Jane.

Enter The Twist: an infernal dimension of molten pain, terror and screaming torment. Ruling over this dark domain is the queen of carnage: Razorjack, she who would bring extinction to the Human race!

All that stands in the path of her apocalyptic ambitions is a pair of rogue cops. Their investigations into a series of horrific serial murders uncover Razorjack’s horrific machinations, forcing the cracks ever wider between Earth and The Twist – and the death of Humanity ever closer!

Razorjack’s first appearance was a 15-page strip entitled ‘Citadel’ that appeared in the first and only issue of Higgins’ self-published anthology comic Razorjack in 1999, returing in a two-issue comic book limited series published by Com.X in 2001.

“I initially loved being in control of all the aspects of self-publishing,” John said of his decision to self publish back in 2009, “but after a while I was spending more time doing everything except drawing my story, so to collaborate with Com.x on the next two issues was brilliant, they took over the production and business aspect of publishing which allowed me to do what I love doing and hope I do best. Writing and illustrating my own stories.”

“I have always enjoyed as a reader of comic books to be shocked, delighted or amazed,” he said of the origins of Razorjack, in an interview with Newsarama back in 2009. “To be taken to a place I have never been to before. This is how I tried to make the world of Razorjack. I wanted to take the readers into my world were nothing is as you perceive it to be. To unsettle the readers preconceptions from page one.”

“Let Titan know if you would love to see more Razorjack,” John urges on his official web site. “Prose novels, music CD, art books and anything Razorjack. All of that is still there to be published one day, and Mike Carroll and I have already started to talk about a new Razorjack comic mini-series we would like to do. There is much more to come from this monster, so be prepared!”

Sample page from Razorjack by John HigginsSample page from Razorjack by John HigginsSample page from Razorjack by John HigginsSample page from Razorjack by John Higgins

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