Sneak Peek: “Doctor Who: Ground Zero” Collection, out in December

Panini have released the cover of the upcoming Doctor Who comic collection Ground Zero featuring art by David Roach and James Offredi, and shared some more details of what’s included with downthetubes – and some of the newly remastered art.

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - Cover

Doctor Who: Ground Zero collects a range of classic black-and-white comic strip tales featuring four different Doctors, all digitally remastered, including DWM‘s final regular Seventh Doctor story, “Ground Zero”,  which was both a well received but quite a controversial story when first published.

The stories in this collection are written Scott Gray, Gary Russell, Alan Barnes and Gareth Roberts with re-mastered art by Martin Geraghty and Adrian Salmon.

“It’s been a joy revisiting and fixing work done over 20 years ago,” says Martin. “I think this is going to be a cracking volume.”

Included in Doctor Who: Ground Zero are…

Alan Barnes & Martin Geraghty

Set in 1938 Hollywood, the Fifth Doctor and Peri battle a resurrected “god”…

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - The Curse of the Scarab

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - The Curse of the Scarab

Gareth Roberts & Martin Geraghty

Set in the 1960s before the first TV adventures, the First Doctor and Susan investigate the peculiar death of a beat poet that leads to machinations at the very heart of government and an exceedingly disgruntled alien, who’s activities threaten the entire human race…

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - Operation Proteus

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - Operation ProteusTARGET PRACTICE
Gareth Roberts & Adrian Salmon

A Soviet operative poses as a UNIT officer and attempts to persuade the Third Doctor to join the Soviets, rather than work for UNIT…

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - Target Practice

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - Target Practice

Gary Russell & Martin Geraghty with Bambos Georgiou

The TARDIS lands in 2086, where the mysterious Arkady is turning the population of a small Russian town into zombies. With Harry turning into one of the zombies, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah must discover the secret behind Arkady’s power before he unleashes himself onto the entire world…

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - Black Destiny

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - Black Destiny

Scott Gray & Martin Geraghty with Bambos Georgiou

After a number of Past Doctor stories, the Seventh Doctor returned to the pages of DWM in a story that opens at Notting Hill Carnival in the later years of the 21st Century, but quickly ties up the threads from recent Past Doctor tales and sees Ace transported into another dimension, where she joins Peri and Sarah-Jane. Introducing a major villain, the story would continue into the Eighth Doctor’s long run as resident Time Lord in DWM, with the Seventh Doctor’s costume as seen in the TV Movie.

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - Ground Zero

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - Ground Zero

Sean Longcroft

The collection includes a wonderful piece of meta fiction featuring the Fourth Doctor and a Doctor Who writer. It’s a bit of a love letter to Doctor Who in many ways, but works wonderfully!

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - "Doctor Who and the Fangs of Time"

Doctor Who: Ground Zero - "Doctor Who and the Fangs of Time"

Comic artist Martin Geraghty

Comic artist Martin Geraghty

Doctor Who comic art fans may be interested to know Martin will be releasing for sale a limited number of original pages from this storyline to coincide with publication so feel free to contact him if there are any specific pages that you’d like to own, “bestow on a beloved child or fold into a little square to keep the dining room table level”.

You can contact him on Facebook via Messenger. He tells me several pages have already sold.

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