Steve Jackson’s The Trolltooth Wars Graphic Novel debuts

Steve Jackson's The Trolltooth Wars - Cover

Fighting Fantasy‘s much-loved gamebook The Trolltooth Wars is back as a graphic novel, written by PJ Montgomery, co-writer of the horror comedy series Stiffs, with art by Gavin Mitchell (Santa Claus vs the Nazis, The Samurai Slasher and more) – and it looks absolutely stunning.

In 1982, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, the first book in the Fighting Series, was published. Written by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, it kickstarted a whole series of gamebooks, many of which were set on the world of Titan.

Then, in 1989, Steve Jackson released The Trolltooth Wars, the first novel in the series, also set on Titan, which featured many famous characters and settings from the series. These included Balthus Dire, the evil sorcerer from Citadel of Chaos, Zharradan Marr, the necromancer who featured in Creature of Havoc, Yaztromo, the good wizard, who helps the reader out in numerous adventures, and the Warlock of Firetop Mountain himself, Zagor, and became a fan favourite.

Steve Jackson's The Trolltooth Wars - Coven

Now, in Fighting Fantasy’s thirty-fifth anniversary year, The Trolltooth Wars is back as a graphic novel. Steve Jackson’s The Trolltooth Wars is the first comic book adaptation of the Fighting Fantasy novels, and brings Titan to life in a way fans haven’t seen before.

In The Trolltooth Wars, when Balthus Dire’s hill goblins raid a caravan transporting a mystical herb to Zharradan Marr, they set into motion a chain of events that plunge Allansia into a vicious war between the two evil sorcerers.
With their powers and forces being well-matched, the war escalates, and the kingdom of Salamonis comes under threat. A champion is needed to turn the war to Salamonis’ advantage and prevent the bloodshed.

The warrior Chadda Darkmane is selected for the mission, and must travel across Allansia seeking unlikely allies, as unseen forces plot against him. Can Darkmane bring an end to the war, or will chaos rule over Allansia?

Steve Jackson's The Trolltooth Wars - Ford

The graphic novel has been written by PJ Montgomery, the co-writer of the horror comedy series Stiffs, contributor to the superhero anthology book The Pride Adventures, and writer of numerous episodes of the online radio sitcom, Supermarket Matters. Montgomery has been a lifelong Fighting Fantasy fan, and has fulfilled a childhood ambition by now contributing to the series.

The gorgeous pencils, inks, colours and letters are by Gavin Mitchell, who has contributed art to numerous small press books, including Stiffs, Santa Claus vs the Nazis and The Samurai Slasher. Mitchell had been looking for a fantasy book to draw for a while, and Steve Jackson’s The Trolltooth Wars fitted the bill.

His take on some classic Fighting Fantasy characters, monsters and settings will thrill fans of the original books and newcomers alike.

The Trolltooth Wars is available for order at for £15 per copy plus p&p

• Gavin and PJ will be appearing at Thought Bubble in Leeds on 23rd and 24th September 2017 and at Nottingham Comic Con on 14th October 2017

• PJ Montgomery is on Twitter @PJMontogmery and Gavin is at @bobgoblynn


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