TAGS, a new Scottish comic convention announced for December

TAGS (Tabletop & Graphic Storytelling) Festival 2023

TAGS (Tabletop & Graphic Storytelling) Festival, a new market event dedicated to spotlighting Scotland’s small press talent, will take place in Edinburgh in December.

The event, which will be free for the public to attend, is being run by Eve Greenwood of award-winning and Eisner-nominated micropublisher Quindrie Press and Brian Tyrrell of Stout Stoat Press, aims to celebrate collaborative and visual storytelling in its many forms, such as comics, roleplaying games, board games, and zines.

Its logo was designed by Spire Eaton (aka Spiremint) and features art by the event’s featured artist, VER.

TAGS (Tabletop & Graphic Storytelling) Festival 2023

TAGS will host 40 – 50 independent creators to share their work, with an emphasis on spotlighting voices that often go ignored in the wider convention scene.

TAGS will take place on Saturday 2nd December 2023 at Fruitmarket, an arts gallery located just outside of the Market Street exit of Edinburgh Waverley Train Station. It is easily accessible by train, bus, tram and taxi.

Fruitmarket is also wheelchair-accessible, and the market will take place on the ground floor.

Eve and Brian are indie creators-turned-publishers, working in the comics and tabletop game industries respectively.

Eve is the organiser of Comic Cocoon, a monthly discussion group for comic artists, while Brian is part of the team behind Edinburgh Zine Festival, a non-profit event celebrating all things self-published and DIY.

“We have first-hand knowledge of what the Scottish convention scene is like,” they say. “We know what our community needs, and our goal is to deliver it!”

This event will run to a Friendly Spaces policy, with the aim of creating a platform that will empower small press creators in Scotland. To do this, they are operating under a policy of inclusion and respect, and the team expect anyone attending or exhibiting the event to follow it.


Quindrie Press is currently running a Kickstarter to create Quindrie Press: the 2023 comic collection, offering four brand new comics from some of Scotland’s most exciting indie creators.

Their first collection was funded on Kickstarter in 2021. Since then, they’ve published three graphic novels and anthologies, and now they’re returning to their roots with another collection of four fantastic short stories: Catharsis by Ell J Walker, Find a Seat by Faye Stacey, Flesh & Flora by NORRIE, and Witching Hour by Beth Fuller.

• Applications for TAGS tables will open on 22nd May. Full tables will cost £50, half tables will cost £35. Check out the TAGS official website for details – or if you’d like to hear directly when TAGS opens for table applications, sign up for their dedicated newsletter here

• TAGS (Tabletop & Graphic Storytelling) Festival, Saturday 2nd December 2023, Fruitmarket, 45 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DF | Web: tagsfest.co.uk

For more information about travelling to Fruitmarket, follow this link

Check out the latest Quindrie Press Kickstarter here

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