The Awesome Comics Podcast Catch Up: Creating Comics with Al Ewing, Jon Lock, Sarah Millman and more

It’s time for an Awesome Comics Podcast catch Up! (Let’s hope the boys didn’t mean what they said about cattle prods and anchovies if I got behind again, eh?) Dan Butcher, Vince Hunt and Tony Esmond have been chatting with some great indie comic creators over the past few weeks, including Al Ewing, Jon Lock and Sarah Millman. Here’s what they’ve been up to…

Or should that be hear what they’ve been up to?

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 100

Comics, Questions, Voicemails – and a special Awesome Comics Podcast announcement all combine to make for a great milestone podcast. Great stuff plugged, too: Secret Empire, Vanguard, and Tony Esmond’s own blog, Never Iron Anything!

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 101 – Desert Island Comics! (with Al Ewing)

To kick off the next hundred episodes of the show, the Awesome Pod gang try something a little different this week. You’ve heard of Desert Island Discs, but you’ve never heard anything like the the Awesome Pods Desert Island Comics!

Not only that, but joining the castaways is the brilliant writer of The Ultimates and Royals, Al Ewing! Together, they discuss how their comic choices will help them survive on the island and more. One of them creates a palace and rules with an army of beasts, another creates a coconut based brothel, one succumbs to island madness and someone goes to a dark place and walks out to the sea Plus theres tons of comic talk and brilliant books are discussed in amongst all the island fun. Check it out!

Featured this episode: Al Ewing, The Ultimates, The Royals, New X-Men, Comichaus, Comichaus Kickstarter

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 102: Writing for Comics! (with Owen Michael Johnson)

It’s all about writing comics this week, and to help the ACP gang out the mighty Owen Michael Johnson (Reel Love, Beast Wagon) joins in for some process talk! There’s discussion about pacing, the importance of notes and notebooks, working with artists through the process and more.

There’s plenty of listener questions too, so if you’ve ever thought about writing a comic this is the episode for you! Plus there’s more brilliant indie books to check out – and Dan reveals the worst insult he’s ever received!

Featured this episode: Owen Michael Johnson, Reel Love, Beast Wagon, Raygun Roads, The Axeman Cometh, Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave!, Babyteeth, Grafity’s Wall, Eimurian Tales, Cockney Kung Fu – wait, what?

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 103: The Comic Village Debate (with Jon Lock and Sarah Millman)

If you’ve been to an MCM before, you know about the area known as Comics Village, but in the current market what does Comics Village means for the small press? The gang are joined by two MCM exhibiting veterans Jon Lock (Afterlife Inc) and Sarah Millman (NPC Tea) to talk about the current state of the small press presence at the big shows. What are some of the issues? What are some potential solutions? A LOT of interesting points are raised and discussed in this one, and not only that but its with two of our favourite guests, so don’t miss it.

Featured this episode: Jon Lock, Big Punch Studios, Afterlife Inc, Sarah Millman, The Heart of Time, NPC Tea, MCM, Junji Ito’s Cats, Injection, Carthago, Humanoids, Jimmy’s Bastards, Aftershock Comics

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 104: Indie Comic Talk!

No guest this episode can only mean one thing, tons of indie comic talk and laughter with the 3 amigos. There’s talk of ELCAF 2017 (including a bit of audio from show fave Todd Oliver), and a bunch of questions that lead to plenty of comic process talk. Also mentioned are Dune, Game of Thrones, Teen Titans, Carthago and of course plenty of great indie titles are discussed and recommended! There’s the debut of Tony’s “hot minute”, Vince loses it over cucumbers and Dan drops one liners all over the shop!

Featured this episode: ELCAF, Todd Oliver, Human Garbage, Colossi, Boxes, The Human Beings, Shadow Masters, Hellheim, Adventures in Science, Dead Canary Comics

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 105: Cardiff Expo Convention Talk! (with Iz McCauliffe)

This week the gang are joined by Iz McCaullife, the organiser of this year’s Cardiff Independent Comic Expo. There’s plenty of talk about the great guests, panels and events happening at the show, and Iz also talks about the extra bits of marketing she’s got in place and all the hard work and organisation that goes into a smaller indie show.

There’s also some listener questions, a poll gets plenty of discussion and of course theres some great indie comic recommendations. Not only that, but there’s an extra bit of audio with the one and only Pat Mills as he discusses his new book with Tony.

Plus, Vince goes full on demanding diva, Dan recounts his exploits in reduced price sandwiches and Tony reveals more of his video game knowledge (spoiler: it’s not much).

Featured this episode: Cardiff Independent Comic Expo, Iz McCaulliffe, Pat Mills, Be Pure Be Vigilant Behave!, The Last Hunt, Beautiful Canvas, Tantric, Andy Baron

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 106: Disability in Comics! (with Andy W. Clift)

This week the gang are joined by returning guest Andy W. Clift (Bertie Bear, Sgt Steel) to talk about a subject that doesn’t get discussed as much as it should – disability in comic books.

Together, they talk about the roles that disability plays in comics, characters who have been done well/not so well and highlight some independent examples of disabled characters. It’s a thought provoking and positive discussion about what can be done in the future with the subject and the opportunities there are for better representation across the board.

There’s also brilliant independent books that get recommended, Dan reveals who he was a body double for, the truth behind ‘The Green Room’ is revealed and theres plenty of ACP giggles to be had!

Featured this episode: Andy W.Clift, Bertie Bear, Sgt Steel, Samurai Slasher, Briggs Land, Pull List, Pipedream Comics, Wine and Zine, Swap, Soldier Zero, Department of Ability, Ed Traquino

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