The Awesome Comics Podcast Catch Up: Jack Kirby, the best of indie comics and more

Look out for this fantastic Awesome Comics Podcast poster celebrating the huge wealth of indie characters being published here in the UK by individual creators and publishers

Look out for this fantastic Awesome Comics Podcast poster celebrating the huge wealth of indie characters being published here in the UK by individual creators and publishers

The Awesome Comics Podcast gang are at London Super Comic Con this weekend and have a wonderful poster promoting the work of dozens of small press creators on sale at their table, so grab a copy before they sell out!

If you’re heading to this amazing event, why not prepare yourselves for perhaps your first encounter with the ACP gang – Dan Butcher, Tony Esmond and Vince Hunt – by catching up on some of the their recent back catalogue of fun comic creator interviews, bizarre rantings and musings, and comic reviews?

Scroll down to Episode 111 and you can even find out what they’ll be looking at for at this weekend’s event!

Episode 107 – European Comics! (with Jerome Saincantin)

Over the past few months there have been more than a few European graphic novels featured in the recommendation part of the Awesome Pod. There’s a reason for this – they are amazing. With that in mind, the gang decided to get together to talk about the epic world of undiscovered gems from Europe and are joined by longtime Cinebook translator Jerome Saincantin.

There’s talk of the work that goes into translating some of the epic books for English speaking audiences, the way comics and books are viewed in Europe and with Valerian the movie released, plenty of Valerian talk! It’s a great look into a world of comics that some readers may not be aware of, but should truly check out.

Plus there’s a catch up about a small press comic event, some Doctor Who talk and all three of the hosts recommend a European series you need to check out. Don’t miss it!

Listen right here!

Episode 108 – Behave! Catching up with Pat Mills!

On this week’s show Vince Hunt and Tony Esmond catch up with legendary comics creator (and returning guest) Pat Mills! With Pat’s new book Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave! currently out (reviewed here) and kicking ass the ACP decided to get him back on the show for an EPIC catch up.

They talk about his current exploits in the world of prose books, his thoughts on the current comic scene and the new Scream/Misty crossover and tons more!

Plus the show marks the podcast debut of Lisa Mills, who drops some insider knowledge about the business side of things and her work lettering the translation of Requiem Vampire Knight! Plus, there’s some great book recommendations, awesome listener questions get answered and more.

Listen right here!

Episode 109 – Talking Comics with Nick Prolix

This week Vince and Tony are joined by Nick Prolix, creator of The Sheep and the Wolves and Tony’s collaborator on the upcoming Cockney Kung Fu! With Dan on holiday, the trio take some time to chat about all kinds of comics topics, from Nick’s own work and process, to some comic news that came out of San Diego Comic Con, a great program that helps with the collaboration process and some brilliant comic recommendations are turned out.

Plus there’s some listener questions and tons of puerile and childish giggling going on as all three make each other laugh themselves silly. Plus, stay tuned to after the outro, as there’s a few minutes of out takes not to be missed!

Listen right here!

Episode 110 – Nuthin’ but Comics Talk!

With Dan Butcher returning to the show after being away for two weeks, the trio decided it was time for some good old fashioned comics rambling. There’s talk of comic conventions and how they should be called ‘festivals’ from now on, crazy successful Kickstarters, creative control over your IP, sharks, bears and more. A few listener questions are answered and after yet more fantastic book recommendations there’s also an extra bit of audio as Tony interviews Rachael Ball (author of The Inflatable Woman).

Listen right here!

Episode 111 – Looking forward to London Super Comic Con 2017 (with Gareth A Hopkins!)

With the mighty London Super Comic Convention back the ACP gang looked ahead to what they’re looking forward to seeing. To give everyone a unique perspective of the show floor, they’re joined by Gareth A. Hopkins (The Intercorstal, reviewed here) who has been a volunteer at the show for the past four years!

There’s a run through of creators and panels at the show, some interesting con insight and also some talk about Gareth’s fantastic new book Found Forest Floor (reviewed here).

All that, and there’s still plenty of comic talk, some great book recommendations and also a bit of a convention catch up from Tony’s time at this year’s Safari Festival (reviewed here) and Vince’s day at Frome Comic Con.

Listen right here!

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 112 - The Legacy of Jack Kirby! (with Matt Harrower)

Episode 112 – The Legacy of Jack Kirby! (with Matt Harrower)

This week the Awesome Pod gang take some time to look at the legacy of one of comics greatest creators – Jack Kirby. From Marvel to DC and beyond, Kirby created some of the most memorable and creative comic characters and concepts there has been, and with his centenary celebrated this month, it’s definitely time for the awesome pod to give everyone their take on his work. Tony takes everyone on a journey through Jack’s career, which leads to great conversation about the mans artwork and comic work. Whether you’re a Kirby fan or someone new to his work, this is a show not to be missed.

Listen right here!

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