This Week’s Most Read Stories on downthetubes: a Rum “Comic Run”, the Mekon, and an amazing new exhibtion

Dan Dare Issue 2 - Spanish

Here our are Top Five Most Read stories this week.

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Comic-Con run turns sour, comic fans warned as similar events still being advertised

Comic fans and running enthusiasts are being warned to be on their guard after families donned fancy dress costumes and headed to Sutton Park for a “fan-freaking-tastic” Comic-Con Run – only to find that it wasn’t taking place.

Dan Dare “Lost Film” eBay find, and Les Edwards’ unused Mekon design

Recently spotted on eBay by Hibernia Comics fan Paul Dowson was an advertisement cut carefully from an October 1975 issue of Variety for a never made Dan Dare film, a project from Phenomenal Film Productions, which owned both the film and TV rights to the much-loved British comic character. Which led us to a stunning piece of Mekon art by veteran artist Les Edwards…

Striker heads back to The Sun, new projects also in the works

Striker – one of Britain’s longest running newspaper strips, mainly published in The Sun – is on its way back at last, “and probably very soon”, according to creator Pete Nash.

2000AD Prog 3 - Brazil

2000AD’s Dan Dare – in Spanish!

Uncovered – Issue One and Two of the 1970s Spanish Dan Dare comic, reprinting the2000AD stories. Both  covers are by Spanish artist Josep Maria Miralles… and a short-lived Brazilian version of 2000AD

Art by Asia Alfasi © Asia Alfasi /Lightbox

Art by Asia Alfasi © Asia Alfasi /Lightbox

The Story of British Comics So Far opens at Woking’s Lightbox

A new exhibition openened at The Lightbox gallery and museum, Woking that we highlighted earlier this year, which will take visitors on an interactive journey through the past, present and future of sequential art. The Story of British Comics So Far: Cor! By Gum! Zarjaz! (6th August 2016 – 31 December 2016) reveals how and why visual communication endures as a hugely popular medium for people of all ages.

Zara and her grandfather Alan, manga influenced comic characters especially created for this exhibition by ace comics artist and designer Asia Alfasi, lead visitors through three immersive zones which will explore the history of British comics to date that will be updated through its run – ensuring a need for return visits.

US Comics Grading Company CBCS Saves 2016 ICE Comic Convention from Cancellation

Running a non profit making comic convention to the high professional standard of The International Comics Expo in Birmingham must be challenging enough, but when the Arts Council pulled their third and final year of funding from the event last week, it was a huge blow to organiser Shane Chebsey and his crew as they frantically looked at alternative funding… but help was at hand…

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