Thunderbirds FAB1 heads to Scalextric

FAB 1 Thunderbirds Scalextric car

Lady Penelope’s iconic FAB 1 from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Thunderbirds is to be a Scalextric car, an icon of British TV.

On its way for the first time in slot car form for release in 2024, the slot car racing company is taking pre-orders for the car now, priced at just under £54.

“Complete with Parker driving and Lady Penelope in the back giving the orders the amazing six-wheel Rolls Royce looks fantastic in its pink scheme and comes correct with a full luxurious interior as well as that iconic grille up front,” the company state.

“Ready to rescue anyone from a tricky situation and do so in pure comfort the big Rolls is guaranteed to be a ‘FAB’ addition to your layout!”

FAB 1 Thunderbirds Scalextric car

Scalextric should need no introduction to most downthetubes readers, a brand of slot car racing sets currently owned and distributed by Hornby, which first released in 1956, initially produced in a factory in Havant, Hampshire. The Scalextric were first invented by engineer B. Fred Francis, when he added an electric motor to the Scalex tin cars that were produced by Minimodels Ltd, his own company.

Micro Scalextric G1171M James Bond 007 Race Set - Aston Martin DB5 vs V8

The brand has been expanding its “custom car” range for a number of years. A Back to the Future De Lorean, the 1960s Batmobile, the Blues Brothers Dodge Monaco, and James Bond Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me, for example, have been previously released as separate cars, along with a variety of Batman vs Joker and James Bond Race Sets.

Even the Only Fools and Horses Robin Reliant has had the Scalextric treatment!

Check out and pre-order FAB 1 here on the official Scalextric web site

Scalextric Official Site:

Buy Scalextric from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) – Official Amazon store

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