Top Comics Talent at GOSH London for Free Comic Books Day

Free Comic Book Day 2015 - GOSH London


A host of talented British creators who’ve sharpened their favourite pencils and picked out their very best sketchbooks will be at GOSH London for Free Comics Book Day in 2015.

Guests include: Grace Wilson, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Will Tempest, Elliot Baggot, Roger Langridge, Adam Vian, Josceline Fenton, Briony May Smith, John Allison, Christian Ortiz, Daisy Hirst, Lizzy Stewart, Robert M Ball and Jessica Martin.


Between the hours of 11-2.00pm they’ll be hard at work painting the Gosh! windows and doodling away at the drawing table, where you can get involved. There’ll be loads of art supplies provided so all you need to do is get yourself there on the day.

Free Comic Book Day 2015 - GOSH London (Image)


Then, between 3.00 and 5.00pm there will be and Image Comics Signing with Kieron Gillen, Christian Ward, and Duncan Fegredo, the co-creators behind the likes of The Wicked and the Divine, ODY-C, and MPH respectively. (More info here)

The signing featuring some of the UK’s top creators promises to be a busy one. But what’s even better than painting on windows and lots of drawing? Free Comic Books!

• More information here on the GOSH London web site. GOSH is at 1 Berwick Street, London W1F 0DR

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