Tripwire #55 features Moorcock, Hester and McCrea’s "Warpaint" and more

A quick reminder that the next print edition of media magazine Tripwire, which includes a preview of the STRIP Magazine story “Warpaint” by Phil Hester and John McCrea, is available to pre-order from your local comic shop using the Diamond code MAY 111336.

Tripwire #55 starts with an exclusive Elric cover painted by David Michael Beck, as the magazine celebrate 50 years of the White Wolf with his creator Michael Moorcock and a review BOOM!’s comic – plus, there’s an interview with its writer Chris Roberson.

Elsewhere, the magazine, edited by Joel Meadows, commemorates the Fantastic Four’s 50th birthday, and takes a long look at Green Lantern from the Golden Age all the way up to the movie and everything in between.

Also included is an interview with comics creator Jason Aaron of Scalped and Punisher fame, and a chat with London-based author Christopher Fowler and a profileof  movie location scouting company Sarah Eastel.

Walt Simonson‘s eagerly awaited The Judas Coin hardcover, to be published this Christmas, gets a preview, including a unique sketchbook and pencils and inks section; and Shaenon Garrity writes about the history of webcomics seen from the inside.

Rounding the issue out there are reviews of several of the Eisner-nominated graphic novels and 22 pages of comic strip content in the STRIPWIRE section. This includes the entire first episode of the creator-owned story “Warpaint” by Phil Hester and John McCrea, destined for STRIP Magazine, which centres on a teenage girl granted supernatural powers in defence of the planet.

At £6.95 / $9.99 US for 124 pages in full colour, Tripwire #55 is, we think, great value for the money.

• Tripwire #55 Diamond item code is MAY111336. For more information and to check out the digital editions of  Tripwire visit

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  1. It should also contain a short strip from someone not a million miles away from the chair I’m sitting in (and some of the usual suspects).