Watchmen rarity on offer from comic creator Tim Pilcher in bid to attend San Diego Comic Con

Dave Gibbons and Tim Pilcher Image courtesy Tim Pilcher

Dave Gibbons and Tim Pilcher. Image courtesy Tim Pilcher

Author, comics writer and editor Tim Pilcher has not one but two books nominated for an Eisner Awards this year – How Comics Work, co-written with comic artist and writer Dave Gibbons, which we really liked, and Deconstructing The Incal, co-edited with Alex Donoghue. It’s the first time Tim has ever been nominated for an Eisner, and he would love to attend the San Diego Comic Con in person to to pick up the award up in person if he wins. But the cost of attending the event are enormous, so he’s just launched an eBay auction to try and raise funds, which includes some rather nifty items.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve had two dreams,” says Tim. “The first was that I’d always wanted to visit the ‘Mecca’ of comic books, San Diego Comic Con. However, it was always beyond my finances. Eventually, I was lucky enough to go there on business in 2007. But in the intervening 11 years I’ve never been able to afford to return, nor had a definitive reason to.

“My second dream was to win an Eisner Award. After 17 years of writing over 15 books on comics—and editing and contributing to countless others—I finally came in sight of my second dream when my latest book – How Comics Work, co-written with Dave Gibbons – was nominated for Best Comics-Related Book in this year’s Eisner Awards.

“Not only that, but another book I co-edited, Humanoids ‘ Deconstructing The Incal, has also been nominated in the same category! Now I have two of the most important reasons ever to go to SDCC!

“The Eisner’s are comics equivalent to the Oscars, and are the most prestigious English language comic book awards.”

“My co-author, Dave Gibbons, is also up for potentially being inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame, and it would be wonderful to share that moment with him as well.

Unfortunately the cost of visiting SDCC is incredibly expensive when you add on the cost of flights and hotels but undaunted, Tim’s trying to raise funds in two ways, with an eBay auction and a JustGiving appeal.

On offer on eBay UK to raise funds are a number of items, including a smashing fake Watchmen-inspired Metro newspaper and a Japeanese edition of Intron Depot 1 by Masamune Shirow.

Metro Watchmen Newspaper - Cover

The Metro newspaper is a rare special edition of the free British newspaper featuring the Watchmen movie on the day of the film’s UK release (6th March 2009). It features a fake cover of the New Frontiersman (the right wing magazine from the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons graphic novel) dated 13th October 1985 and four articles (on the front and back) relating to Rorschach, The Keene Act, the death of The Comedian and Dr. Manhattan.

Metro Watchmen Newspaper - Interior

Inside is a poster of the Watchmen characters and a review of the film: “Makes The Dark Knight look like Count Duckula! 4/5!!”. This was never made available in the USA and is a perfect piece of movie/comic book memorabilia for any fan of Watchmen.

Intron Depot 1 - Cover

Intron Depot 1 features a fantastic collection of early Shirow artwork from projects such as Dominion, Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed and others. It contains pictures of all the Intron Depot main characters and settings including black and white line drawings and a fold out poster. (This is the original Japanese printing, published by Seishinsha, not the Dark Horse reprint).

Intron Depot 1 - Spread

If you’d like to support Tim then check out the eBay auction or the JustGiving appeal here.

“Think of this as a fundraiser for a small indy film company trying to get to the Oscars and will wave the flag loudly and proudly for Great Britain as the home of exceptional creative talent in the comic industry,” Tim asks. “And to help make a dream come true!”

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