Writer seeks help on new British Horror Comics

Writer Philip Buchan is preparing an article about British horror comics for Scream horror magazine (not to be confused with the 1980s Fleetway comic of the same name) and is hoping comic creators will let him know about some of the spooky comics they’d like to have featured.

“The content for March has already been submitted and covers reviews, interviews and publisher spotlights, and because this is a British magazine I want the focus to be on homegrown talent,” he says. “If anybody has anything due out this year that you want me to talk about can you please get in touch, either through the group or I’m on Twitter @FrancisSobriety.”

Horror comic fans suggestions are also welcome.

“Even if you’re not personally creating anything that might broadly be covered by a horror magazine but know a busy writer or artist that I should get in touch with then let me know.”

Scream Issue 4 is set to also feature an interview with Chris Monfette, co-writer with Clive Barker of the new Hellraiser comic, a spotlight on Avatar Press focussing specifically on Garth Ennis’ Crossed and some smaller reviews.

•  Contact Philip via his blog at http://buckychainsa wmassacre. blogspot. com or on Twitter @FrancisSobriety. Scream Issue 4 pre-orders aren’t available yet, but bookmark www.screamhorror.com for information on the magazine.

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2 replies

  1. I’ve never seen this mag in newsagents. Does it have distribution to such outlets or is it only for comic shops? (I haven’t seen it in my local FP either come to that.)

  2. It seems to be largely just available online. However, it has only been going since the end of last year so it might be it hasn’t got proper distribution yet and the horror comics section might encourage more comics shops to stock it.

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