“Young Avengers: Sidekicks” Bookazine out now from Panini UK

Panini UK‘s Marvel Comics titles are ramping up after an absence of over a year, with new comics such as The Amazing Spider-Man #1 on sale now – priced at a reasonable £2.99. Plus, we’re also being treated to a number of Marvel Select Bookazines, with a Young Avengers: Sidekicks collection on ale now in all good WHSmith stores and selected supermarkets.

Young Avengers: Sidekicks - Panini UK (2021)

Reprinting Young Avengers #1-6, first published back in 2005, the story is set at a time when The Avengers are no more, destroyed from within by one of their most powerful members.

Now, a new generation of heroes have arisen to take up their mantle – Patriot, Wiccan, Hulkling and Iron Lad. But who are these ‘Young Avengers’, and what connects them to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Iron Man and Captain America set out to discover the truth, only to find themselves and their teenage namesakes caught in the grip of one of the Avengers’ deadliest enemies!

This 120-page plus collection also takes readers behind the scenes of this landmark series with a selection of creator interviews, character sketches and more.

The choice of reprint may seem a strange one to some, but it ties in with Patriot’s appearance in the new Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV series screening on Disney+, of Patriot, although how big a part that will become is not yet clear…

Young Avengers – Sidekicks
Writer: Allan Heinberg
Pencils: Jim Cheung
Inks: John Dell (#1 – 6) | Mark Morales (#2 only) | Drew Geraci (#4 only) | Dave Meikis (#6 only) | Jay Leisten (#6 only)
Colourist: Justin Ponsor/
Letterer: Cory Petit
Editor: Tom Brevoort\

Reprinting Young Avengers #1-6.
Price: £9.99
On sale: Now (published 8th April 2021)
ISBN: 978-1-84653-316-7

• Available from WHSmith, select supermarkets and direct online here from Panini Comics UK

Check out the Panini UK Web Shop at panini.co.uk

With thanks to Iskander Islam for the Patriot heads up

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