Zarjaz – now with added Clint Langley!

The latest issue of the top 2000AD inspired indie comic Zarjaz (Issue 11) is now available from the FQP Shop.

Wrapped within a cover by ace 2000AD artist Clint Langley, you will find:

  • Joe Pineapples – Tin Man  by Lee Robson and Chris Askham
  • Mongrol – Blogging by David Withers, Bolt-01 & Mike Carroll
  • Mek-Quake – Little Jobs by The Emperor and Conor Boyle
  • Deadlock- Unrepentant by Richmond Clements, Gibson Quarter & Jim Campbell (inks & letters)
  • Blackblood by Eric Moore and Dunk! Nimmo
  • Steelhorn – Shadow of the Titanic by Matthew Badham and Matt Soffe
  • Robusters – Terror in the Baltic  by Ben Clark and Nick Dyer
  • A.B.C. Warriors – RICOCHET by Richmond Clements and Kevin Levell

Buy Zarjaz 11 from the Futurequake Press Shop

• Zarjaz 11 will also be on sale in Forbidden Planet International and Orbital Comics, London in the next two weeks for those who buy their copies from shops.

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