Artist Emma Vieceli Mind Probed for Doctor Who: Panel to Panel

Emma Vieceli at Thought Bubble 2015

Emma Vieceli at Thought Bubble 2015

Better late than never, in the latest episode of Jeremy Bement’s terrific Doctor Who: Panel to Panel, he covers a lot of Doctor Who comic news, reviews “Shock Horror” from Doctor Who Adventures Issue 13 (Danger! Spoilers!), praising Tommy Donbavand’s script writing and Russ Leach’s art; and “Once Upon a Time Lord”, a Sixth Doctor strip published in Doctor Who Magazine (and much reprinted!); and chats with the lovely and talented artist Emma Vieceli, who drew Titan’s Eighth Doctor mini-series.

“We were over the moon at the response,” says Emma of the project last month, which was written by George Mann. “Watch this space for the potential return of the Doctor and Josie!”

As usual Jeremy not only asks about the creator he’s talking to about their Doctor Who work; he also mind probes Emma on her TokyoPop work, her BREAKS web comic, working with Mark Buckingham, Alex Rider and more. “I like to jump around,” she enthuses. She also enthuses about Night of the Doctor (“it was everything I wanted Doctor Who to be”), the Big Finish Eighth Doctor audio adventures she listened to while drawing and her delight that the Eighth Doctor story she drew was more like that than the “silly” Doctor of the TV Movie.

• The Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor, Volume 1: A Matter of Life and Death collection is out on 18th May. Offering eerie Victorian magic shows, living paintings, mysterious lost books, crystalline life-forms, space-barges crammed with the undead, it’s another chance (or your first chance, if you missed it) to embrace all the Gothic Romance and interstellar terror of the Eighth Doctor in this new series starring the most-requested past incarnation!

Older episodes of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel are archived on the Internet Archive

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