Awesome Comic Podcast Episode 16: Comics Artist Chris Imber Talks Small Press

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 16: Chris ImberThe boys at the Awesome Comics Podcast aim for sophisticated and polished interviewers  this week and end up crudely laughing at crossdressing cosplay. Once that childish gigglefest is done they sit down with the artist Chris Imber, who is currently killing it on art chores for The Last Sheriff at Reckless Heroes.

Chris talks about his love of art and those who influenced him when he first started out, about being part of the small press in the UK and how he works at UK conventions. He’s got quite a few interesting incites to what is currently happening in comics today.

As part of the episode we also get some Convention floor interviews with Will Overton (creator, writer and artist of the new anthology title Smart Bomb!) and Matt Harrower (artist on an upcoming story in The Kill Screen and creator of the upcoming The Big Couch). This section is definitely Not Safe For Work – You have been warned.

There is an extended Shout Out section this week that includes big thanks to Dan at Leamington Spa Comic Con for such a great event and some highs and lows at the New York Comic Con from Tony. You also get the usual amount of reviews and previews, upcoming events and Dan becomes ‘the Drawing Guy’!

Also in this episode is the final leg of the competition to win Alan Moore signed goodies that promote the launch of the excellent Electricomics digital comics platform.  PS – The answer may involve Tony drinking…. Have a listen and stand the chance of getting these great collectables.

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• You can find Chris Imber and loads of examples of his outstanding art skills at or on Twitter @RECKLESS_IMBER

• Reckless Hero Comics can be found at or on Twitter @RecklessHeroHQ

• You can find the app for Electricomics in the iTunes store (its coming to Android very soon) and I implore you to have a look at some of this amazing work.  Find out more on Twitter @Electricomics

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