Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 29: Lex McDonald, creator of “Assault on Fortress Doom”

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 29: Lex McDonaldThis week Lex McDonald, writer of the epic World War Two action graphic novel Assault on Fortress Doom joins the Awesome Comics Podcast crew to talk about the book and the long journey of bringing the epic wartime adventure to life.

As always there is also plenty of awesome books and webcomics that get talked about, including talk about iPad’s potential for becoming an art tool, a little bit of Punisher/Daredevil talk, Wookie love and there’s lots of great comic events you should seek out!

Not only that, but Tony Esmond talks about strange snake dreams he’s been having, Dan Butcher gives his response to an indecent proposal and Vince Hunt sniffles his way through the show pathetically after a bout of manflu and tries to get sympathy (spoiler: he doesn’t succeed).

Mentioned in this episode are: Lex MacDonaldEdgard MachiavelloAssault on Fortress DoomAudio of World War Two Bomber Pilots being badassChaos CampusRetrofit ComicsNumber OneBox BrownSupervillianousWiddershinsKate AshwinDarkenCitizen JackImage Comics Humble BundleEmily Owen – Contact for Syrian Art AuctionNoBrow PressSay Hello to EinsteinDC Stuelpner30 and a Half MinutesRoomA Place to Hang Your CapePipedream ComicsDown the Tubes

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