Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 37: Bertie Bear creator Andy W. Clift

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode: Andy W. Clift

This week the Awesome Comics Podcast gang are joined by the creator of Bertie Bear, and super nice guy, Andy W.Clift to talk about his comics, his influences, his work as a flatter for Marvel and so much more!

Not only that, but the group discuss some upcoming movies, seemingly joke less newspaper strips and also theres a great conversation about the representation of disability in comics. Seriously, there’s loads of great topics covered in this one.

Plus there’s some amazing books that you have to check out, Dan Butcher tells us about his life drawing escapades, Vince Hunt claims he will dance for a sale and Tony Esmond tries to accuse Andy of being a Furry.

Mentioned in this episode are: Andy W.Clift, Bertie Bear, Sgt Steel: Allied Avenger, Samurai Slasher, Dead Universe Publishing, Bounce Comics, Bubbles O Seven Kickstarter, The Activity, Mitch Gerards, Marc Laming, Mike Garley, Mike Stock, Matthew Dooley, Ballwatching, Karma Police, Kelly Williams, Paradox Girl, Singing Dragon’s At War with Yourself, Handicape, Deer Editor, Deer Editor Kickstarter, Ryan K.Lindsay, Ghostbusters Comics, Orbital Lifedrawing Class, Pipedream Comics, A Place to Hang Your Cape and Down the Tubes

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