British Comic Shop Releases (18th March 2015) – Doctor Who, Transformers and Ichabod Azrael!

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #6 - Cover A


Here’s our list of both British and US comics on sale this week in comic shops (Wednesday 18th March 2015). It complements our monthly lost of new graphic novel releases which you can find here for March 2015.

Titan Comics has a new issue of its Twelfth Doctor title on sale this week (previewed here), and another of their releases, The Third Testament: Volume Three (preview here) looks fabulous. Over on 2000AD Prog 1922 (also on sale in newsagents), Ian Edginton and Simon Coleby deliver a terrific “Judge Dredd” story, “300 Seconds” and there’s plenty more thrillpower to savour – as well as the US comic format release of Grievous Journey Of Ichabod Azrael #1 by Rob Williams, drawn by Dom Reardon (preview here).

Transformers fans may want to look out for – or order the new limited-edition hardcover of Transformers: All Hail Megatron, signed by Shane McCarthy and Trevor Hutchison and hand-numbered to 350. This collection of the complete series, which includes stories from Simon Furman, has been packaged and presented in beautiful hand-assembled casing and silver metallic covers.

Meanwhile, over at Image, the publisher will release the trade paperback collection of Revenge by Jonathan Ross (who some of you may have caught at last weekend’s London Super Comic Con convention), drawn by Ian Churchill, which centres on Griffin Franks, a washed up action-hero.

Don’t forget that despite many British publishers lack of faith in full-blown cover to cover comic strip action and humour, there are still comics on sale in newsagents that still delight in bringing you such subversive delights, including The Beano, Commando (latest issues detailed here), Judge Dredd Megazine, Panini’s superhero titles and VIZ, with great strips also featuring in titles such as Doctor Who MagazineDoctor Who Adventures, Mega, TOXIC and many others.

The Hachette Judge Dredd Collection is also on sale now, but you may now have to subscribe if you want to continue buying it as Part Works are not distributed in newsagents after their first few issues.

Plus, the wonderful Phoenix Comic is on sale in all Waitrose supermarkets as well as available on subscription and through its dedicated iPad app.

British Comic Publishers



2000AD Prog 1922


2000AD Prog 1922

This latest issue features a Judge Dredd cover from Jake Lynch and an all-new story featuring the Mega-City One law man

JUDGE DREDD: 300 SECONDS by Ian Edington and Simon Coleby
Mega-City One, 2137 AD. Home to 50 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America, where crime is rampant and only the Judges can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law!

SAVAGE: GRINDERS by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard
In 1999, Britain was invaded by the Volgans. When lorry driver BILL SAVAGElearned his family had been killed by a Volgan shell, he began a one-man war against the aggressors. Now, in 2010, Savage has lead the resistance to victory, with the Volgans surrendering after the US lent their support — in the shape of Howard Quartz’s, Raptor drones andHammerstein Mark II war-droids. However, Howard Quartz has been mortally wounded by one of his own robots…

SURVIVAL GEEKS: STEAMPUNK’D by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby & Neil Googe
Somewhere in the outer limits of time and space, plunging through the planes of reality, is what looks from the outside like a regular suburban two-up two-down, but it is in fact powered by misfiring transdimensional technology. Inside live sci-fi obsessives Clive, Rufus and Simon, plus new (and not very happy about it) addition Sam. Now, they’ve crashed in a steampunk dimension they’ve discovered that the floating city of Milton Keynes has a dark secret…

THARG’S 3RILLERS: 1% by Eddie Robson & INJ Culbard
Three episodes, one complete, self-contained story — a condensed hit of super-charged Thrill-power beamed to you directly from the Nerve Centre! The far side of the galaxy, 2250. Talavage Spacelines is a budget transport company, delivering passengers across the cosmos, but the company has suffered since the sudden death of its founder, Nathaniel Talavage, and its service has become notoriously unreliable. Now, one of its ships has become lost in a warp and it’s just collided with a mysterious object…

THE ORDER: PART NINE by Kek-W & John M. Burns
Germany, the thirteenth century. Young Anna Kohl always felt her father was a mystery to her, a distant figure that seemed to be part of a select group of knights. Upon his death, she was determined to learn more about the man, and set off to discover the truth behind the cadre of warriors known as THE ORDER. Now, she has discovered that they are a trio of old men and a robotic knight, who have sworn to stop the Wurmsfrom invading other dimensions…


Ichabod Azarael 1 - Cover


Grievous Journey Of Ichabod Azrael #1
Writer: Rob Williams (A/CA) Dom Reardon

His name is Ichabod and he was a killer. But his death was only the beginning of his story! From writer Rob Williams (The Royals: Masters of War) and artist Dom Reardon (The Ten Seconders), comes a tale of vengeance and redemption that will shake the very gates of the afterlife itself. Ichabod Azrael was the deadliest, meanest outlaw the Old West ever spat out, but his murder at the hands of hired guns takes him on a journey through the underworld as he desperately tries to return to the land of the living, and his true love Zoe, haunted by the dead he left in his wake!



Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice 
Writer: Jane Austen, Ian Edginton Artist/Cover Artist: Robert Deas

Jane Austen referred to Pride and Prejudice (1813), the earliest of her published novels, as her “darling child,” and generations of readers have taken it to heart ever since. The irresistible attraction she portrays between the sparkly, independent Elizabeth Bennet and the solemnly austere Mr. Darcy counts among the greatest, most romantic – and funniest – love stories ever told. In this graphic-novel adaptation, writer Ian Edginton and artist Robert Deas introduce one of the best-loved works of English literature to a new generation of readers.

Titan Comics


13 Coins #6


13 Coins #6
Writers: Martin Brennan, Michael B. Jackson Artist:
Simon Bisley

From Eisner Award-winning artist Simon Bisley – legendary artist of Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham and Lobo – comes a new series that finds Heaven and Hell at war in an angelic battle over the fate of Mankind.

As the end of days begins, ex-junkie turned holy warrior John Pozner is all that stands in the way of evil’s triumph over the three realms. But with his own demons to conquer and Hell’s biggest and baddest baying for his blood, is there really any chance for salvation? All will be revealed in this bumper-sized sixth issue!


Cap Stone #4 - Cover


Captain Stone #4
Writer: Liam Sharp, Christina McCormack Artist: Liam Sharp

Charlie reaches out to her estranged father, Lord Chance, and has an eye-opening conversation about his history with Captain Stone.

Read Our Preview of Cap Stone #4


Doctor Who - Twelfth Doctor Cover B

Doctor Who 12th #6 (Variant Covers)
Writer: Robbie Morrison Artist: Brian Williamson Cover Artist: Blair Shedd

Who – or what – are the Fractures? Molly’s father was killed in a terrible accident. UNIT scientist John Foster suffered the same fate. But are they really gone? Both play a part in the universe-hopping new arc! The Doctor and Clara race against time to both stop a dreaded new peril – The Fractures – in a bid to stop reality unraveling around them!

Read our Preview

Mono #4


Mono #4
Writer: Liam Sharp Artist/ Cover Artist: Ben Wolstenholme

Mono has been shot, stabbed, bitten, and more in the quest to complete his mission and close “The Old Curiosity Shop”…but has he finally met his match in the form of a massive, disfigured Nazi general? Find out in the dramatic conclusion to “The Old Curiosity Shop”!


The Third Testament Volume 3

The Third Testament Volume 3
Writers: Alex Alice, Xavier Dorison
Artist: Alex Alice

C Conrad of Marburg, Elisabeth, and their rakish guide, Trevor, are locked in the dungeons of Stornwall, while their enemies race towards the Third Testament, a mysterious relic whose power can change the course of the world…

Will Conrad and Elisabeth be able to escape and reach the Third Testament to stop the fulfillment of its deathly prophecy?

Read Our Preview

US Publishers

Dark Horse Comics

Angel And Faith Season 9 Library Ed Hard Cover Volume 1
Baltimore Hard Cover Volume 5 Apostle & Witch Of Harju

BPRD Hell On Earth #129


BPRD Hell On Earth #129
Writer: Mike Mignola, John Arcudi Artist: James Harren Cover Artist: Laurence Campbell

Howards uses his link to the past to save the BPRD from a rampaging monster in the snowy mountains. But will the secrets he has learned be enough?

BPRD Hell On Earth Trade Paperback Volume 10 Devils Wings


BPRD Hell On Earth Trade Paperback Volume 10 Devils Wings
Writer: Mike Mignola, John Arcudi Artist: Laurence Campbell & Various Cover Artist: Ryan Sook

There is panic at the BPRD when a blackout hits-and Kate is possessed! But with Johann dealing with gigantic monsters from another dimension in Japan, how will Liz and the remaining agents save Kate?

This volume collects B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #120-#124.

“B.P.R.D. is never anything less than good fun (it’s also always stunningly beautiful).”-Comic Bastards

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #13 Main Cvr
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Panel To Panel Seasons 8 & 9 Trade Paperback
Chronicles Of Conan Trade Paperback Volume 29 Shape In The Shadow
Chronicles Of King Conan Trade Paperback Volume 10 Warlord Of Koth
Courageous Princess Hard Cover Volume 1 Beyond Hundred Kingdoms

Dark Horse Presents 2014 #8


Dark Horse Presents 2014 #8
Writer: Fred Van Lente & Various Artist: Mike Grell & Various Cover Artist: Francesco Francavilla

When the skin of a cyclist turns up in a public pool minus all of its innards, Fred Van Lente’s Detective Greene is on the case-he’s the bizarre, towering redhead who tackles New York’s weirdest crimes. And Mike Grell returns to Tarzan with Tarzan and the Gods of Opar.”

Plus, new chapters of Alex de Campi and Jerry Ordway’s Semiautomagic, Sergio Aragonés’s Groo, Brendan McCarthy’s Dream Gang, and Ed Brisson’s Murder Book, featuring art from JD Faith!

“Dark Horse’s prestigious anthology series . . . showcases emerging talent alongside some of the greatest writers, artists and cartoonists comics has to offer, as well as promising new and underground talents.”- ComicsAlliance


Deep Gravity Trade Paperback
Ei8ht #2
Frankenstein Underground #1
Groo Friends And Foes #3
Mind Mgmt #31
Oh My Goddess Rtl Trade Paperback Volume 47
Oink Heavens Butcher Trade Paperback
Shaper #1
Strain Night Eternal #7 (Mature Readers)
Tex The Lonesome Rider Hard Cover
Usagi Yojimbo Saga Ltd Ed Hard Cover Volume 2
Usagi Yojimbo Saga Trade Paperback Volume 2

DC Comics

Batgirl #40
Batgirl Endgame #1
Batman Eternal #50
Batman Superman #20
Batwoman #40

Earth 2 Worlds End #24

Earth 2 Worlds End #24
Writer: Daniel H. Wilson & Various Artist: Robson Rocha & Various Cover Artist: Ben Oliver

Power Girl vs. Darkseid!

Green Lantern New Guardians #40


Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #9

Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #9
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Eduardo Francisco, Christian Duce Cover Artist: Philip Tan

A new adventure begins for Prime Batman and his band of heroes from across the multiverse. Atomic Wonder Woman battles Killer Croc and discovers he’s been guarding a secret – a massive, ominous device buried under the surface that is not from her world.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three #12
Justice League Of America Trade Paperback Volume 2 Survivors Of Evil (N52)
Kitchen #5 (Mature Readers)
New 52 Futures End #46 (Weekly)

Ocean Orbiter Deluxe Edition Hard Cover

Ocean Orbiter Deluxe Edition Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Colleen Doran & Various Cover Artist: Michael Golden, Colleen Doran

Two classic science fiction epics written by Warren Ellis are collected together for the first time! In OCEAN #1-6, U.N. weapons inspector Nathan Kane must learn what lies under Europa’s half-mile-thick mantle of ice. And in the original graphic novel ORBITER, a long-missing space shuttle crash lands on Earth to unlock a mystery that will unfold deep in outer space.

Red Hood And The Outlaws #40
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #8
Strange Sports Stories #1 (Mature Readers)
Supergirl #40
Superman #39
Superman Wonder Woman Hard Cover Volume 2 War And Peace (N52)
Superman Wonder Woman Trade Paperback Volume 1 Power Couple (N52)
Teen Titans #8
Trinity Of Sin #6

IDW Publishing

Angry Birds Transformers #4
Bigger Bang #4
Borderlands Fall Of Fyrestone #7 Tannis & The Vault Pt 3 Of
Dragonlance Chronicles Trade Paperback Volume 1 Dragons Of Autumn Twilight
Dungeons & Dragons Legends Of Baldurs Gate #5
Dungeons & Dragons Legends Of Baldurs Gate #5 Subscription
Fly Outbreak #1
Garbage Pail Kids Love Stinks (One Shot) Deluxe Edition
GI Joe A Real American Hero #211
Jack Kirby Mister Miracle Artist Ed Hard Cover

Judge Dredd #28

Judge Dredd #28
Writer: Duane Swierczynski Artist: Nelson Daniel Cover Artist: Mark Torres

“Mega-City Manhunt,” conclusion-The long run is over, and Dredd wants Chief Justice Cal to answer for his crimes! But Mega-City One is already in twitchy, paranoid chaos (namely thanks to the events of the previous 27 issues). What will the news of Cal’s deceptions do to the soul of the city? That’s when Judge Anderson comes up with a shocking solution that could change the Meg forever…

Little Nemo Return To Slumberland #4
Millennium #2
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #28
Orphan Black #2
Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up #3
Rocketeer The Complete Adventures Trade Paperback
Star Trek Planet Of The Apes #4
TMNT Ongoing #44
Transformers #39 Combiner Wars Opening Salvo

Transformers All Hail Megatron Deluxe Limited Hard Cover

Transformers All Hail Megatron Deluxe Limited Hard Cover
Writer: Shane McCarthy, Simon Furman Artist: Guido Guidi

This limited-edition hardcover of Transformers: All Hail Megatron is signed by Shane McCarthy and Trevor Hutchison and hand-numbered to 350. This collection of the complete series has been packaged and presented in beautiful hand-assembled casing and silver metallic covers.

X-Files Season 10 #21

Image Comics

Alex + Ada #13

Chrononauts #1 (Declan Shalvey Cover)

Chrononauts #1 (Variant Covers including Declan Shalvey, Mature Readers)
Writer: Mark Millar Artist: Sean Murphy Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey

From Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) and Sean Gordon Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus) comes a bromance for the ages! Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are two buddies who love to have fun. They’re also scientific geniuses. When their research leads them to a time-traveling adventure, will they use their knowledge for the good of all mankind? Or use the space-time continuum for their own ends? This is the story of man’s first, televised steps through the time-stream and everything going wrong in the process.

Cowl #9

Cowl #9 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel Artist: Rod Reis Cover Artist: Trevor McCarthy

Geoffrey Warner and Camden Stone’s false-flag operation continues to escalate with the return of a Chicago Six villain: Skylancer. But who’s under the Skylancer mask will shock even Geoffrey.

Deadly Class Trade Paperback Volume 2 Kids Of The Black Hole (Mature Readers)
Invisible Republic #1 (Mature Readers)
Lazarus Trade Paperback Volume 3 Conclave (Mature Readers)
Madame Frankenstein Trade Paperback
Manhattan Projects Sun Beyond The Stars #1

Nightworld Trade Paperback Volume 1 Midnight Sonata

Nightworld Trade Paperback Volume 1 Midnight Sonata
Writer: Paolo Leandri, Adam McGovern Artist/Cover Artist: Paolo Leandri, Dominic Regan

It’s fast and furious Faustian action as a trio of demons–the noble Plenilunio, the hellraising Hotspot and the haughty Hellena–battle the evil Empyre and each other over mythic artifacts to lift their curse! Meanwhile Plenilunio’s spellbound lover Lidia sleepwalks his castle and haunts his heart. B-movie psychodrama at its best!

Collects NIGHTWORLD #1-4

Nixon’s Pals Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #7 (Mature Readers)
Prophet Trade Paperback Volume 4 Joining
Punks The Comic #5 (Mature Readers)
Red One #1 (Mature Readers)

Revenge Trade Paperback

Revenge Trade Paperback (Mature Readers)
Writer: Jonathan Ross (A/CA) Ian Churchill

Griffin Franks was a joke in Hollywood. A washed up action-hero. Over the hill. Past it. A has-been. A barely-was. But now he IS The Revenger. He’s a star. His movie’s a hit. His newest wife is hot. He finally has everything he wants. The perfect time for someone to take it all away. Forever. Starting with his face.

Collects REVENGE #1-4

Reyn #3
Rumble #2 Second Printing (Mature Readers)
Satellite Sam #12 (Mature Readers)
Secret Identities #2
Sexcastle OGN (Mature Readers)
Sparks Nevada Marshal On Mars #2
Spread #6 (Mature Readers)
Stray Bullets Sunshine & Roses #2 (Mature Readers)


Witchblade #181

Witchblade #181 (Variant Covers)
Writer: David Hine Artist/Cover Artist: Gabriel Rearte

The one where Jackie dies! This is the way it had to end. Sara Pezzini goes head to head with Jackie Estacado and the Darkness. Sometimes there are no winners…

Zero #15 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)

Marvel Comics

All New Captain America #5
All New X-Men #39 BV
All New X-Men Prem Hard Cover Volume 6 Ultimate Adventure
Amazing Spider-Man #16.1
Ant-Man #2 Brooks Scant Ptg Var
Avengers By Busiek And Perez Omnibus Hard Cover Volume 1
Black Widow #16
Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier #6

Captain America And Mighty Avengers #6

Captain America And Mighty Avengers #6
Writer: Al Ewing Artist: Luke Ross Cover Artist: Sanford Greene

• Existential horror from beyond as CORTEX Incorporated drops the mask – and shows its true face!
• For one of the Mighty Avengers, the nightmare is starting all over again…
• Is this story even in continuity? Are YOU even in continuity? LOOK IN THE MIRROR – WHAT IF YOU’RE NOT?
Rated T+

Cyclops #11
Deadpools Art Of War Trade Paperback
Gotg And X-Men Black Vortex Alpha #1 Second Printing Var Bv
Guardians Galaxy Prem Hard Cover Volume 4 Original Sin
Guardians Team-Up #3 Bv
Hulk #13

Loki Agent Of Asgard #12

Loki Agent Of Asgard #12
Writer: Al Ewing Artist/Cover Artist: Lee Garbett

• He’s Loki’s older, nastier, vastly more powerful future self. His machinations have cost Loki everything… but who IS King Loki?
• What kingdom would have him? What dread Asgard is he the Agent of? And what evil scheme has he been brewing all this time?
• This issue — King Loki tells all!
Rated T+

Magneto #16
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two #5
Marvel Universe Guardians Of Galaxy #2
Marvel Master Works: Invincible Iron Man Hard Cover Volume 9
Moon Knight #13

Ms Marvel Trade Paperback Volume 2 Generation Why


Ms Marvel Trade Paperback Volume 2 Generation Why
Writer: C. Willow Wilson Artist: Jake Wyatt, Adrian Alphona Cover Artist: Jamie McKelvie

Who is the Inventor, and what does he want with the all-new Ms. Marvel and all her friends? Maybe Wolverine can help! If Kamala can stop fan-girling out about meeting her favorite super hero, that is. Then, Kamala crosses paths with Inhumanity – by meeting the royal dog, Lockjaw! But why is Lockjaw really with Kamala? As Ms. Marvel discovers more about her past, the Inventor continues to threaten her future. Kamala bands together with some unlikely heroes to stop the maniacal villain before he does real damage, but has she taken on more than she can handle? And how much longer can Ms. Marvel’s life take over Kamala Khan’s? The fan-favorite, critically acclaimed, amazing new series continues as Kamala Khan proves why she’s the best (and most adorable) new super hero there is! Collecting MS. MARVEL (2014) #6-11.
Rated T+

Star Wars: Princess Leia #2
Punisher #16
Silk #2
Storm #9
Superior Spider-Man Hard Cover Volume 3
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2 Henderson Second Printing Var
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3
United States Of Murder Inc Prem Hard Cover Volume 1 Truth (Mature Readers)
Wolverines #11

Other Publishers Comics And Graphic Novels

Altered States Doc Savage One Shot
Altered States Vampirella Rare Tan Virgin Ed
Big Nate Say Good Bye To Dork City Trade Paperback
Billy The Pyro Gn
Blood Queen Vs Dracula #1 Anacleto Virgin
Bobs Burgers Trade Paperback Volume 1
Burning Fields #3
Charmed Season 10 #6 (Mature Readers)
Complete Unfabulous Social Life Of Ethan Green Gn
Courtney Crumrin Spec Ed Hard Cover Volume 7
D Frag Gn Vol 04
Day Men Pen & Ink #2

Divinity #2


Divinity #2 (Next) – Valiant Entertainment (Variant Covers)
Writer: Matt Kindt Artist: Trevor Hairsine Cover Artist: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine unleash an all-new chapter of the year’s most powerful science fiction saga! Can the world withstand its first confrontation with a being of god-like proportions?

A Soviet cosmonaut – seemingly imbued with the powers of a god – has taken up residence in the Australian Outback. Some think him to be a savior…while others believe he will usher in a new Communist Age…

Now the rest of the world’s powers must decide for themselves – will the enigmatic DIVINITY offer his hand in friendship or will Earth’s heroes find themselves helpless against the wrath of the divine?

Eternal #3


Eternal #3 – Boom Studios
Writer: William Harms Artist: Stefano Simeone Cover Artist: Frazer Irving

In a world of clones, the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Gail and her fellow renegades have attacked the holding pen of the only non-cloned humans in the city. New Life has sent its officers, including the tough-as-nails Rathmann, who is ready for a rematch with Gail.

Fathom Kiani Vol 4 #2 (Variant Covers)
Furry Tails #1 (One Shot)
Gabby & Gator Year Trade Paperback
Grimm’s Fairy Tales Robyn Hood Ongoing #8 (Variant Covers)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales From Oz Trade Paperback Volume 2
Giant Days #1
Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew Gn
John Carter Warlord Mars Special (Mature Readers)
Katamari Hard Cover Volume 1
Kokoro Connect Gn Vol 03 (Mature Readers)
Lady Demon #3 Cvr A Chin Main
Lady Rawhide Lady Zorro #1
Legenderry Red Sonja #2
Lumberjanes #12
Master Keaton Gn Vol 02
Museum Of Mistakes Fart Party Collection Trade Paperback (Mature Readers)
My Little Monster Gn Vol 07
Peanuts Vol 2 #26
Pearls Before Swine Trade Paperback King Of Comics
Plunder #2
Politically Inqueerect Old Ghosts One Shot
Princess Ugg #8

Blackcross #1 Rare Lotay Virgin Edition

Blackcross #1 Rare Lotay Virgin Edition (Dynamic Entertainment)
Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Colton Worley Cover Artist: Tula Lotay

Tula Lotay, the rising star best known for her gorgeous work on Warren Ellis’ Supreme: Blue Rose, mesmerizes art fans with this super-rare cover variant, unblemished by trade dressing!

Red Sonja Vultures Circle #3 Cvr A Anacleto Main
Regular Show #21
Rocket Salvage #4
Scarlet Letter Manga Classics Gn
Scarlet Letter Manga Classics Hard Cover
Servamp Gn Vol 01
Seven Deadly Sins Gn Vol 07
Simpsons Comics #219
Solar Man Of Atom #10 Cvr A Laming Main
Sonic Saga Trade Paperback Volume 7 Dark Mirror
Sons Of Anarchy #19 (Mature Readers)
Steam Tales #2
Strike Witches One Winged Witches Gn Vol 02 (Mature Readers)
Tales From The Creep #1 (One-Shot)
Terrible Lizard #5
Third Testament Hard Cover Volume 3 Might Of The Ox
Tuki Save The Humans #3
Undersea Adv Of Captain Eli Gn Vol 03
Unit 5 #1
Zombie Tramp Ongoing #9 Main Cvr (Mature Readers)


Ace Magazine #1
Comic Shop News #1448
Comic Shop News Spring 2015 Preview
DC Batman Auto Figure Magazine #53 Batman #52 Joker Roadster
DC Batman Auto Figure Magazine#54 Legends Dark Knight #80
DC Superhero Chess Figure Collection Magazine #78 Desaad Black Pawn
DC Superhero Chess Figure Collection Magazine #79 Stargirl White Pawn
Locus #650
Marvel Chess Figure Collection Magazine #28 Bullseye Black Pawn
Marvel Chess Figure Collection Magazine #29 Scarlet Witch White Pawn
Marvel Chess Figure Collection Special #2 Rocket Raccoon & Groot
Rue Morgue Magazine #153
Star Trek Starships Figure Magazine #36 Oberth Class


Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 80 Mad Eyes 
Doc Savage New Adv Sc Vol 08 War Makers
Green Lama Unbound Prose Novel
My First Batman Book Board Book
Peter Bagge Conversations Hard Cover
Shadow Double Novel Vol 93 Brothers Of Doom & 3 Brothers
Shadow Super Pack #2 Origins Collection

List compiled via Diamond Previews, publishers and with the help of First Age Comics, 3 Moor Lane, Lancaster LA1 1QD. Open: Tuesday – Friday 10.00am – 4.30pm, Saturday 10.00am – 5.30pm. Find them on Facebook

• First Age Comics also has a shop site on e-Bay:

• The downthetubes map of British Comic Shops

• New British Graphic Novels on Sale in March 2015

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