British Comic Shop Releases (1st July 2015) – The Spire, Uncanny and Asterix, too!

The Spire #1 Main Cover by Jeff Stokely

The Spire #1 Main Cover by Jeff Stokely

Here’s this week’s list of comics on sale in British comics shops, plus some news stand titles – our intent, as ever being to skew our coverage in favour of British creators.

This week, in the world of 2000AD’s Rogue Trooper, scarred war veteran Kapiten-Inspector Atalia Jaegir of the Nordland State Security Police investigates war criminals amongst her own ranks. She’s an uncompromising and fearsome female character in a dark series that does not pull any punches in the first episode in the new series – “Tartarus” – by Gordon Rennie, Simon Coleby, Len O’Grady, and Simon Bowland. (Plus, don’t forget the 2000AD Sumer Special 2015 is still on sale!)

Over at Cinebook the latest volumes of Kenya by Leo looks terrific, as does Thorgal, on sale now in comic shops; and look out too for Orion’s latest collection of Asterix, tales, also on sale this week.

If you’re a fan of Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Circle, #4 is on sale this week from Image Comics – and #1 is currently being offered as a free download over on the Image Comics web site, in honour of the US Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Full details here on the Free Comic Book Day Facebook page.

Also, don’t miss out on The Spire #1 (preview here) written by Si Spurrier, or the latest issue of Uncanny Season 2 by Andy Diggle, or, if you’re fan of artist Clint Langley, the Best Of Clint Langley Art Book from German publisher Dark Dragon Books, which presents some of his finest work created over twenty years. Includes Langley’s work from Slaine: The Books of InvasionsABC Warriors: The Volgan WarWorld of WarcraftEverQuestCeltosNemesis the WarlockWorld of Darkness, and many more.

It’s a busy week!

Don’t forget that despite many British publishers lack of faith in full-blown cover to cover comic strip action and humour, there are still comics on sale in newsagents that still delight in bringing you such subversive delights, including The Beano, Commando, Judge Dredd Megazine, Panini’s superhero titles and VIZ, with great strips also featuring in titles such as Doctor Who MagazineDoctor Who Adventures, Titan’s Doctor Who Comic (collecting their strips from the US format titles) Mega, TOXIC and many others.

The Hachette Judge Dredd Collection is also on sale now, but you may now have to subscribe if you want to continue buying it as Part Works are not distributed in newsagents after their first few issues.

Plus, the wonderful Phoenix Comic is on sale in all Waitrose supermarkets as well as available on subscription and through its dedicated iPad app.

British Publishers


2000AD Prog 1937


2000AD Prog 1937

In this issue: Judge Dredd: Blood of Emeralds by Michael Carroll, Colin MacNeil, Chris Blythe, and Annie Parkhouse; Absalom: Under A False Flag by Gordon Rennie, Tiernan Trevallion, and Simon Bowland; Jaegir: Tartarus by Gordon Rennie, Simon Coleby, Len O’Grady, and Simon Bowland; Outlier: Dark Symmetries by TC Eglington & Karl Richardson; Helium by Ian Edginton, D’Israeli, and Ellie De Ville.


2000AD Summer Special 2015

2000AD Sumer Special 2015

Still on sale in newsagnets and good comic book stores. The ideal addition to any holiday, a 48-page summer spectacular featuring some of the most popular characters from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic in all-new stories: “Judge Dredd: Let’s Go To Work” by Mike Carroll, Jake Lynch, John-Paul Bove, and Annie Parkhouse; “Rogue Trooper: Death of a Demon” by Guy Adams, Darren Douglas, and Simon Bowland; “Ace Trucking Co.: Star’s Truck” by Eddie Robson, Nick Dyer, and Annie Parkhouse; “Survival Geeks: Movie Night” by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby, Neil Googe, Gary Caldwell, and Ellie De Ville; “Robo-Hunter: Iron Sam” by Alec Worley, Mark Simmons, and Ellie De Ville; and “Future Shocks”: Dust by Gary Blatchford & John Higgins.


Kenya Graphic Novel Volume 3: Aberrations

Kenya Graphic Novel Volume 3: Aberrations
Writer: Rodolphe Artist/Cover Artist: LEO

The mysterious events in Kenya are beginning to attract international attention – and maybe too much of it. After reporting to London, Kathy Austin returns to Kenya to continue her investigation. In the palace of Count Di Broglie, the young English woman finally meets the last survivors of the Remington expedition, but they lack material proof to support their stories. Kathy is ordered to obtain information on Irmanius, a rather inquisitive individual who’s been snooping around the country. Who is he working for? The Americans, the Russians, or some considerably more foreign power?

Lucky Luke Trade Paperback Volume 52: Beautiful Province

Lucky Luke Trade Paperback Volume 52 Beautiful Province
Writer: Laurent Gerra Artist: Achdé Cover Artist: Achde

Lucky Luke is visiting Quebec; it’s poutine time for the lonesome cowboy! While taking part in a rodeo in Wisconsin, Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper meet Mario Bombardier, a Quebecois cowboy, and his mare the beautiful Province. It’s love at first sight for the two horses, and after the inevitable separation, Jolly Jumper can’t stop moping. Eventually Luke decides to head to Quebec in order to arrange a reunion where he discovers the merry atmosphere of the Nouvelle France: mounted police, bar fights, poutine, traditional French songs – and an unscrupulous, wealthy banker!

Thorgal Volume 16: Arachnea

Thorgal Graphic Novel Volume 16: Arachnea
Writer: Jean Van Artist/Cover Artist: Grzegorz Rosinski

A very literal trip to hell for Thorgal. Thorgal, his family and their friends Darek and Lehla have left their island to sail south and look for a safer place to live. After a storm scatters them, Thorgal and WolfCub’s boat flounders on reefs at the foot of a strange, mist-covered cliff. One perilous climb later, the little girl is trapped by a mysterious, invisible force, and her father, after going for help, discovers a very curious city cut off from the world.


Asterix Omnibus Soft Cover Volume 9

Asterix Omnibus Soft Cover Volume 9
Writer: Rene Goscinny Artist/Cover Artist: Albert Uderzo

This special collector’s edition features Asterix volumes 25 to 27 in one fabulous volume, in paperback for the first time! In “Asterix and the Great Divide,” can Asterix, Obelix and Getafix ensure a happy ending for two star-crossed lovers? Then, Asterix and Obelix face a dangerous double agent in “Asterix and the Black Gold.” And it’s two Gauls and a baby when Asterix and Obelix take care of an abandoned infant – and try to keep it out of Roman hands – in “Asterix and Son.” Why are the Romans after the baby – and just what plot is the treacherous Brutus hatching against Julius Caesar?

Titan Comics

Doctor Who 12th #9 - Cover A

Doctor Who 12th #9 - Cover Subs

Doctor Who 12th #9 (Variant Covers)
Writer: Robbie Morrison Artist: Brian Williamson, Mariano Laclaustra Cover Artist: Brian Williamson

A brand new story begins, as the Doctor and Clara are forced to ally with gangsters on the Vegas strip to combat an even more terrifying foe! Will the Doctor’s morals prove as alien as the unearthly invaders, or can he triumph without compromise in “Gangland”?

US Publishers

Dark Horse Comics

Age Of Reptiles Ancient Egyptians #2
Angel And Faith Season 10 #16
Archie Archives Hard Cover Volume 11
Baltimore Cult Of The Red King #3
Barb Wire #1
Game Of Thrones Figure Hodor & Bran
Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus Trade Paperback Volume 9
Neverboy #5
Usagi Yojimbo Ltd Hard Cover Volume 29 Two Hundred Jizo
Witcher Fox Children #4

DC Comics

Absolute Y The Last Man Hard Cover Volume 1 (Mature Readers)
Action Comics #42
American Vampire Second Cycle #8 (Mature Readers)
Aquaman Hard Cover Volume 6 Maelstrom (N52)
Aquaman Trade Paperback Volume 5 Sea Of Storms
Bat Mite #2
Batman Arkham Knight #6

Batman Arkham Origins Trade Paperback

Batman Arkham Origins Trade Paperback
Writer: Adam Beechen & Various Artist: Christian Duce & Various Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch

Based on the hit video game, this volume collects the groundbreaking, multi-path digital comic. This prequel story features an inexperienced Batman going up against crime bosses Black Mask and The Penguin!

Batman Beyond #2
Bizarro #2
Detective Comics #42
DMZ Deluxe Edition Hard Cover Book 4 (Mature Readers)

FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #22

FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #22 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Simon Oliver Artist: Alberto Ponticelli Cover Artist: Nathan Fox

“Who controls the past, controls the future.”-George Orwell, 1984

Flash Season Zero #10
Green Arrow #42
Green Lantern #42

He Man The Eternity War #7

He Man: The Eternity War #7
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Edgar Salazar Cover Artist: Jonboy Meyers

Journey back to Skeletor¹s first days as a member of the evil Horde, tasked with crushing the great rebellion on planet Etheria. Will Skeletor¹s past provide the key to defeating Hordak in the present?

Lobo #8
Midnighter #2
Mortal Kombat X #8 (Mature Readers)
Omega Men #2
Scooby Doo Team Up #11
Vertigo Quarterly SFX #2 (Mature Readers)

IDW Publishing

Corto Maltese Graphic Novel Beyond The Windy Isles
Haunted Horror #17
Miami Vice Remix #5
Mickey Mouse #1
Mike Zeck Classic Marvel Stories Artist Edition Hc
Monster Motors Trade Paperback
My Little Pony Friends Forever #18
Onyx #1 (Variant Covers)
Saved By The Bell Trade Paperback Volume 1
TMNT Ongoing #47
Transformers Trade Paperback Drift Empire Of Stone
X-Files Season 10 #25
Zombies Vs Robots #7

Image Comics

8house Arclight #1 (Mature Readers)

Airboy #2Airboy #2 (Mature Readers)
Writer: James Robinson Artist/Cover Artist: Greg Hinkle

Are the drugs wearing off, or just kicking in? After a night of debauchery, James and Greg have a hell of a hangover in the form of 1940s comic book character Airboy. The aviation hero is curious to learn what the future has to offer. Hey, you try denying a reality you’ve already altered.

Athena Ix One Shot (Variant Covers)
Autumnlands Trade Paperback Volume 1 Tooth & Claw (Mature Readers)
Chew #50 (Mature Readers)
Chew Smorgasbord Edition Hard Cover Volume 2 (Mature Readers)
Chew Smorgasbord S&N Ltd Edition Hard Cover Volume 2 (Mature Readers)

Criminal Trade Paperback Volume 6: Last Of The Innocent

Criminal Trade Paperback Volume 6: Last Of The Innocent
Writer: Ed Brubaker Artist/Cover Artist: Sean Phillips


Innocent (Mature Readers)
Deadly Class #14 (Mature Readers)
Humans #6 (Mature Readers)
Impaler Trade Paperback Two Volume Set (Mature Readers)

Jupiter’s Circle #4

Jupiter’s Circle #4 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Writer: Mark Millar Artist: Davide Gianfelice Cover Artist: Frank Quitely

Skyfox’s drinking wreaks havoc on his relationships.

Minimum Wage So Many Bad Decisions #3 (Mature Readers)
Nailbiter #14 (Mature Readers)
No Mercy #4
Oddly Normal #8 (Variant Covers)
Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #10 (Mature Readers)
Punks The Comic CBLDF Special
Satellite Sam #15 (Mature Readers)
Sons Of The Devil #1 2nd Ptg (Mature Readers)

Supreme Blue Rose Trade Paperback

Supreme Blue Rose Trade Paperback (Mature Readers)
Writer: Warren Ellis Artist/Cover Artist: Tula Lotay

Unemployed reporter Diana Dane is hired by a mysterious intelligence broker to solve the biggest mysteries of 21st Century America: what fell on the town of Littlehaven, and who or what is “Supreme?”
Collects SUPREME: BLUE ROSE #1-7

We Stand On Guard #1 (Mature Readers)

Wicked & Divine #12

Wicked & Divine #12 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Jamie McKelvie & Various Cover Artist: Jamie McKelvie, Kate Brown
The aftershocks from the Fandemonium apocalypse are tearing the gods apart. Join us for a new arc of guest artists working alongside Team WicDiv, starting with KATE BROWN (Young Avengers).

Wicked & Divine Trade Paperback Volume 2: Fandemonium

Wicked & Divine Trade Paperback Volume 2: Fandemonium (Mature Readers)
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist/Cover Artist: Jamie McKelvie

The critically-lauded best-selling hyphen-abusing series of stardom, divinity, and death returns with a second volume that’s even grander than the first, because it contains six issues instead of five. THE FAUST ACT is over. Welcome to FANDEMONIUM. Includes cover gallery and anything else we’ll cram in the back, because we just can’t help ourselves.

Collects THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #6-11

Zero #18 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)

Marvel Comics

A-Force #2 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Amazing Spider-Man #19.1
Avengers Trade Paperback Volume 6 Infinite Avengers

Darth Vader #7

Darth Vader #7
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Salvador Larroca Cover Artist: Adi Granov

• The Emperor’s machinations revealed!
• Everything changes for Vader!
• The tale of Vader’s transformation from A New Hope to The Empire Strikes Back continues!
Rated T

Future Imperfect #2 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Giant Size Little Marvel Avx #2 (Secret Wars Tie-In)

Groot #2

Groot #2
Writer: Jeff Loveness Artist: Brian Kesinger Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey

• STRANDED, and without anyone who can understand what’s coming out of his mouth, it’s Groot vs The Cosmos in a trek to get his best friend back!
• Featuring a special guest star who’s REALLY OUTTA THIS WORLD!
• Groot may look intimidating, but, trust us, he’s all bark!
Rated T

Guardians Of Galaxy And X-Men Hard Cover: Black Vortex
Guardians Team-Up #7
Princess Leia #5
Red Skull #1 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Runaways Complete Collection Trade Paperback Volume 4
Secret Wars #2 Ross 2nd Ptg Var
Secret Wars #4
Secret Wars Battleworld #1 Medina 2nd Ptg Var
Secret Wars Journal #3 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Shield Trade Paperback Volume 1 Perfect Bullets
Star Wars #3 Cassaday 3rd Ptg
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Trade Paperback Volume 1 Old Republic
Thor God Of Thunder Hard Cover Volume 2
Ultimate End #3 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7
X-Tinction Agenda #2 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Years Of Future Past #2 (Secret Wars Tie-In)

Other Publishers

A Centaurs Life Graphic Novel Volume 6 (Mature Readers)

Arcadia #3

Arcadia #3
Writer: Alex Paknadel Artist: Eric Scott Pfeiffer Cover Artist: Matt Taylor

Digital Lee returns from China only to be arrested alongside Sam, and it becomes apparent that Arcadian officials are using strong-arm tactics to try and force Digital Lee to contact Meat Lee. Meanwhile, in the Homesteader camp, Coral is warned not to get too close to Jaime by one of Jaime’s own.

Archie Comics Double Digest #262
Berlin #19 (Mature Readers)
Big Trouble In Little China #12
Bobs Burgers Ongoing #1 (Variant Covers)
Broken World #2
Bunker #12 (Mature Readers)
Captain Canuck 2015 Ongoing #2
Cavewoman Castaway One Shot (Variant Covers)
Cavewoman The Return #3 (Variant Covers)
Cluster #5
Complete Peanuts Trade Paperback Volume 3 1955-1956
Cool Japan Guide Fun In Land Of Manga Lucky Cats & Ramen Soft Cover

Crossed Badlands #75 Calgary Art Deco

Crossed Badlands #75 Calgary Art Deco (Mature Readers)
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Rafa Ortiz Cover Artist: Michael DiPascale

The next in Avatar’s line of luscious Art Deco covers, this one previously only available in Calgary and limited to just 350 copies!

Damocles Graphic Novel Volume 1 Bodyguards
Diary Comics Graphic Novel
Ember #0 Bikini Cover (Mature Readers)

Eternal Warrior Days Of Steel Trade Paperback

Eternal Warrior Days Of Steel Trade Paperback
Writer: Peter Milligan Artist: Cary Nord Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch

From steel comes salvation!

The Eternal Warrior…Gilad Anni-Padda, the Earth’s Fist and Steel…is forever charged with guarding the Geomancer and securing the Earth’s safety. After completing another brutal mission, the Earth’s undying guardian is approached with a cryptic task: find and save a baby – in whose hands might rest the fate of an entire people! But the Eternal Warrior is no nursemaid…and, to complicate matters, a thousand Magyar invaders want the baby dead. At the edge of civilization, can history’s most expert killer keep one precious life alive?

Start reading here as master storyteller Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) and Eisner Award-winning artist Cary Nord (X-O MANOWAR, Conan) chronicle the brutal and bloodied history of Valiant’s immortal champion in an all-new tale of swords, savagery, and steel. Collecting ETERNAL WARRIOR: DAYS OF STEEL #1-3.

Futurama Comics #75
Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Coven #1 (Variant Covers, Mature Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood Ongoing #12 (Variant Covers)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Tales Of Terror #12 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Wonderland Trade Paperback Volume 7
Giant Days Orientation Edition
God Is Dead #37 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Godkiller Walk Among Us #6 (Mature Readers)

Grant Morrison’s 18 Days #1

Grant Morrison’s 18 Days #1 (Variant Covers)
Writer: Grant Morrison Artist: Jeevan Kang Cover Artist: Mukesh Singh

Help Us Great Warrior #5
Imperium #6 (Variant Covers)
Justice Inc Avenger #2
Kids Of The Round Table #2
Lady Death (Ongoing) #10 Austin VIP Cover (Mature Readers)
Lady Death (Ongoing) #21 Mid Ohio VIP Cover (Mature Readers)
Lady Death (Ongoing) #24 Isis Cover (Mature Readers)
Lady Death (Ongoing) #25 Mod Girl Cover (Mature Readers)
Lady Death 2007 Swimsuit Dlx Coll Box Set
Lady Death Apocalypse #5 Century Set (Mature Readers)
Last Man Graphic Novel Volume 2 Royal Cup
Legenderry Green Hornet #5 Davila Virgin
Looking For Group #4 (Variant Covers)
Manspressions Decoding Mens Behavior Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
Maria The Virgin Witch Graphic Novel Volume 3 (Mature Readers)
Masks 2 #4 (Variant Covers)
Miss Better Living Through Crime Hc (Mature Readers)
Nancy Drew Diaries Graphic Novel Volume 5
Non Non Biyori Graphic Novel Volume 1
Nox Graphic Novel
Plume V2 #4
Prince Valiant Hard Cover Volume 11 1957-1958
Puppet Master #4 (Mature Readers)
Regular Show #25
Roger Dahls Comic Japan Best Of Zero Gravity Cartoons Soft Cover
Shahrazad #4 (Variant Covers)
Sonic Boom #9 Reg Cvr
Space Goat Presents Hard Cover Volume 1

The Spire #1 Incentive Cover by David LaFuente

The Spire #1 Incentive Cover by David LaFuente


Spire #1
Writer: Simon Spurrier, Jeff Stokely

The Spire is a mountain of metal and stone that rises out of the middle of the desert, containing a vast city of twisting tunnels, grinding elevators, and ancient machinery, and home to over a million human and non-human residents. Shå, the last of the Medusi, is responsible for keeping watch over them as Commander of the City Watch, despite the fact she isn’t shown any respect due to her race. When a string of grisly murders is committed just as a new Baroness of the Spire is about to be sworn in, Shå will have to find the serial killer and bring them to justice. But the new Baroness has a deep hatred of non-humans, and Shå will have more than one enemy at her back.

Steampunk Fables Little Match Girl One Shot

Swords Of Sorrow Thoris Adler #2

Swords Of Sorrow Thoris Adler #2
Writer: Leah Moore Artist: Francisco Manna Cover Artist: Jay Anacleto

On Barsoom, the Princess of Helium is missing, and Irene Adler is the number one suspect. As Adler struggles to maintain her liberty and capture her own quarry, there are now two Martians roaming the dark, puddled streets of London, and Princess Dejah Thoris is not dressed for the weather.

An official tie-in to the epic Swords of Sorrow crossover event, written by acclaimed writer Leah Moore (Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes).

Teenage Rebels Stories Of High School Activists Graphic Novel

Tower Chronicles Dreadstalker #11

Tower Chronicles Dreadstalker #11
Writer: Matt Wagner Artist/Cover Artist: Simon Bisley

Though his past has long been a mystery, supernatural bounty hunter John Tower finally reveals the gruesome details of his former life with the only living soul he can trust: his unofficial partner, FBI agent Alicia Hardwicke. Fighting together, they must retrieve three mystical artifacts; only then will Tower be freed from his wretched curse. As Tower ventures deeper into the depths of Hell, Alicia vows to follow him to the bitter end. Meanwhile, Tower’s sworn archenemy, Martin Castle, is betrayed by someone in his own Brotherhood. Can Tower escape in time to use his enemy’s loss to his advantage?

Uber #26

Uber #26 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist/Cover Artist: Daniel Gete

The Allies have their backs to the ocean and the Nazis continue their path of fire as the Great Burn continues! HMH Churchill is finally deployed in the field, can she be the Battleship destroyer Britain is praying for? The stakes couldn’t be higher as it all builds to next issue’s game-changing event that no one is expecting! Available with Regular, Wraparound, War Crimes, and Blitzkrieg Covers by Daniel Gete, and a Propaganda Poster Cover by Michael DiPascale.

Uncanny Season 2 #4

Uncanny Season 2 #4 (Variant Covers)
Writer: Andy Diggle Artist: Aaron Campbell Cover Artist: Jock

Holly learns she’s been playing for the wrong team, Weaver discovers the truth about the night his father was shot, and together they edge closer to locating the source of their uncanny powers. Andy Diggle (Six Guns, The Losers) continues the tale of Dominic Weaver, the man with six billion borrowed skill sets… a con-man with supernatural abilities, drawn into a global conspiracy!

War Stories #10

War Stories #10 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Writer: Garth Ennis Artist/Cover Artist: Tomas Aria

A brand new story arc begins here!

“T”was England bade our wild geese go, that small nations would be free…” In the Second World War, any Irishman wanting to fight the Nazis had to join the British army- the Republic of Ireland having declared neutrality when the war began. Now, a small unit of Irish soldiers join the advance into Germany- where the going is rough and the enemy nowhere near surrender. And old tensions remain from Ireland’s own struggle for independence, as well as the bloody civil war that followed. Part one of Our Wild Geese Go, by Garth Ennis and Tomas Aira. Available with Regular &Wraparound Covers by Tomas Aria, and Good Girl Nose Art & Battle Damage Retailer Incentive Covers by Matt Martin.

Will Eisner Spirit #1 (Variant Covers)
Witchcraft Works Graphic Novel Volume 5
Woods #14
X-O Manowar #38 (Variant Covers)
Zombie Tramp Ongoing #13 (Mature Readers)


Amazing Figure Modeler #59
Cinefex #142
Comic Shop News #1463
Comics Revue Presents Jun 2015
Heavy Metal #275 (Mature Readers)
Hobby Japan May 2015
Megami Apr 2015
Newtype Apr 2015

The Best of Clint Langley


Batman Classic 5 Minute Batman Stories Hard Cover

Best Of Clint Langley Art Book Hard Cover

The Best of Clint Langley presents some of his finest work created over twenty years. Includes Langley’s work from Slaine: The Books of InvasionsABC Warriors: The Volgan WarWorld of WarcraftEverQuestCeltosNemesis the WarlockWorld of Darkness, and many more.
Best Of Mike Ratera Art Book Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Best Of Mike S Miller Art Book Hard Cover
Best Of Paul Renaud Art Book Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Best Of Vincenzo Cucca Art Book Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Brick Vehicles Flexibound
Guild Off Companion Soft Cover
Mike Deodato Jr Sketchbook Deluxe Hard Cover
On The Graphic Novel Hard Cover
Pandora Hearts Caucus Race Novel Volume 1
Princess & The Pony Year Book Hard Cover
Psycho Girls In Bondage Classic Fetish Art & Fiction Soft Cover (Mature Readers)
Science Of Attack On Titan Mmpb
Scientific Secrets Of Doctor Who Hard Cover
Sketching From The Imagination Sci-Fi Soft Cover
Sky Longing For Memories Art Of Makoto Shinkai Soft Cover
Soft Brides For Beast Of Blood From Mens Adv Mag Soft Cover (Mature Readers)
Steampunk Rising Art Of Sandra Chang Adair Soft Cover
Sword Art Online Novel Progressive Volume 2
Warhammer Lord Of The End Times Trade Paperback
We Dont Need Roads Making Of Back To Future Trilogy


List compiled via Diamond Previews, publishers and with the help of First Age Comics, 3 Moor Lane, Lancaster LA1 1QD. Open: Tuesday – Friday 10.00am – 4.30pm, Saturday 10.00am – 5.30pm. Find them on Facebook

• First Age Comics also has a shop site on e-Bay:

• The downthetubes map of British Comic Shops

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