Creating Comics: check out “Crowdfunding Comics: A Guide to Marketing, Running and Fulfilling a Comic Book Kickstarter”

After running ten Kickstarter campaigns and raising over £73,000 in funding, back in 2021 award-winning comic author Dave Cook compiled all of the harsh truths, hidden tips and strategies that lie behind the best crowdfunding campaigns into a downloadable book, Crowdfunding Comics: A Guide to Marketing, Running and Fulfilling a Comic Book Kickstarter.

Crowdfunding Comics: A Guide to Marketing, Running and Fulfilling a Comic Book Kickstarter

Available through Gumroad, the current edition of this helpful 100-page plus guide, published in 2021, includes insights from Dave’s career in digital marketing, PR, journalism and comic writing to cover the full life cycle of a Kickstarter campaign.

From pre-planning and building a fan base, to running a campaign and fulfilling mail orders, Dave says Crowdfunding Comics has everything you need from start to finish.

You can grab a copy here from Gumroad – chose a price you think appropriate for the book you think appropriate at checkout.

“I’m going to publish a new edition of this soon, as the crowdfunding landscape has changed a lot in recent years – but this is absolutely free if anyone fancies it,” Dave says, who has frequently shared tips about crowdfunding with creators in the past.

“I’m just happy to help people out by sharing all I’ve learned over the years.”

Based in Edinburgh, Dave Cook, creator of Killtopia, is a comic writer, gaming journalist and author of video game history books. You can subscribe to his newsletter to stay up to date with his writing projects, sent out every other Friday, or follow him on social media such as X (Twitter) or BlueSky.

For those who came in late, Killtopia – a story told over five volumes, written by Dave, with art by Craig Paton and Clark Bint, is set in future Japan, and follows a salvage hunter called Shinji and his robot sidekick Crash.

Once word gets out that Crash holds the secret to curing a deadly nano-virus that’s killed millions around the world, every bounty hunter and Yakuza thug for 1000 city blocks joins the hunt for our heroes. Can they survive the night and change the course of humanity forever?

Killtopia is available to buy through AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) or direct from publisher BHP Comics here

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