Doctor Who comic creator Mike Collins interrogated

Comic artist Mike Collins at the Lakes Festival. Photo: Jeremy Briggs

Comic artist Mike Collins at the Lakes Festival. Photo: Jeremy Briggs

Episode 25 of the excellent Doctor Who: Panel to Panel podcast is up and in this episode, Jeremy Bement covers recent news about the Three Doctors mini-series coming up from Titan Comics and chats with longtime Doctor Who Magazine writer and artist Mike Collins.

A featured artist on Doctor Who Magazine since the television series’ triumphant return, Collins has had the longest uninterrupted run as artist on the lead strip, pencilling the debut stories of actors Christopher Eccleston, David Matt Tennant and Smith as The Doctor. He has also illustrated two Doctor Who graphic novels for the BBC, The Only Good Dalek and The Dalek Project, and now provides storyboards for the actual TV series. He also contributed to America’s IDW Doctor Who comics.

Jeremy has interviewed many Doctor Who comic creators including Tim Quinn, Dicky Howett, David Roach, Kev Hopgood, Lee Sullivan, Richard Starkings, Gary Russell and myself.

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