Doctor Who Panel to Panel Podcast probes Panini editor Ed Hammond

Doctor Who: Panel to Panel Episode 171 - Panini Senior Collections Editor Ed Hammond

The latest episode of the awesome Doctor Who: Panel to Panel podcast, hosted by Jeremy Bement, features an interview with Panini UK Senior Collections Editor Ed Hammond, whose name you’ll have spotted on a slew of titles from the company. He teases some interesting new projects during the chat.

His many duties, in addition to working on the publisher’s many Marvel tie-ins, include overseeing the Doctor Who range, including editing titles such as the recently-released Cybermen: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection, the Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Anthology featuring “The Star Beast” by Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons, and more.

Daleks: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collections

Ed Hammond, who describes the Doctor Who stories that have run in Doctor Who Magazine as “the cream of British comic strip”, joins Jeremy to talk about the latest Doctor Who titles from Panini, as well as what’s to come in 2024, including dropping some tantalising hints about future plans for a last Thirteenth Doctor collection; and what might be a reprint of the early Doctor Who Weekly back up strips, which were written by writers such as Alan Moore and Steve Moore, and drawn by artists such as Steve Dillon, David Lloyd and Paul Neary. Time will tell!

During the interview, Ed outlines the “blood sweat and tears” that goes into restoring the early strips from the Magazine in new collections, led by Peri Godbold, and is especially enthusiastic about the strips drawn by David Lloyd, today publisher of the digital anthology Aces Weekly, but, for Marvel UK, also played a huge part in creating the Night Raven mythos, before going in to create a for Vendetta with Alan Moore.

There’s also deserved praise for writer-artist Scott Gray, too, whose contribution to Doctor Who comics mythos is near legendary.

Episode 171 of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel also celebrates the comic version of “The Star Beast” with two special reviews.

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Doctor Who - Liberation of the Daleks, written by Alan Barnes with art by Lee Sullivan (2023)

Coming Soon: Doctor Who: Liberation of The Daleks

Picking up from where the previous Doctor Who TV series left off, Liberation of the Daleks is the 14th Doctor’s first official adventure. A new regeneration, but a familiar face, this exclusive comic strip collection, sees the return of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies – the Daleks!

Taken from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, this 13-part tale bridges the gap between recent episodes, tying directly into the new TV series continuity.

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Anthology (2023, Panini)

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Anthology

When Doctor Who Weekly launched in 1979, it was the inimitable Tom Baker incarnation of the immortal Timelord who graced its very first comic stories. Now, Panini Comics presents the complete collection of Fourth Doctor comic strips, taken from the early years of Doctor Who Weekly and Doctor Who Monthly!

Featuring 16 wild and witty tales, this collection sees the Doctor encounter robotic centurions, deceptively furry and cuddly space tyrants, deadly psychic vampires and a whole lot more!

Cybermen: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection - Final Cover (Panini, 2023)

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Humanoids who rejected the weakness of flesh and blood millennia ago, the Cybermen are deadly armoured warriors driven by cold logic! Across the stars, they have waged cyber-war on a thousand worlds, eager for more organic beings they can convert into obedient soldiers of the Cyber-Empire! Inside this epic collection, you can discover all of the Doctor’s incredible encounters with this unrelenting foe, taken from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

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Pitiless war machines committed to universal conquest, the Daleks have terrified and enthralled Doctor Who fans for generations. Collected together for the first time, Panini Comics proudly presents the first volume of Dalek stories taken from Doctor Who Magazine’s 40 years of award-winning comic strip.

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