First Look: Knights of Pendragon Marvel Omnibus

YouTube Channel Near Mint Condition have released a “First Look” at the new Knights of Pendragon Marvel Omnibus, featuring every issue of both series, Mys-Tech Wars and more, from Marvel UK.

First trailed back in 2021, the Marvel Comics collection was originally scheduled for release last year, but is in shops now, and available as a digital edition.

You can order this collection from Forbidden Planet or AmazonUK, or your local comic shop now.

It’s hoped that the release of these stories this may pave the way for collections of Death’s Head IIWarheadsMotormouth and other titles masterminded by Paul Neary as Editorial Director, featuring work by creators such as Dan AbnettAndy LanningSimon FurmanLiam SharpBryan Hitch, and many more.

Marvel Omnibus is a line of large-format graphic novel editions published by Marvel Comics., reprinting comics that have previously been printed in single-issue format. Unlike Marvel’s Essentials line, these collections are printed on higher-quality paper stock and provide full-color compilations of multiple comics. They often contain complete runs, either by collecting multiple consecutive issues or by focusing on the works of a particular writer. Many of them also reprint the letter pages as originally found in the comics.

This Knights of Pendragon Marvel Omnibus leads with the original run of Knights of Pendragon, a superhero series with environmental themes created by Dan Abnett, John Tomlinson and Gary Erskine, edited by Steve White. A modern take on the legend of King Arthur, the series included covers by Alan Davis and Simon Bisley.

Also included is the second Knights of Pendragon series, often overlooked by some MUK fans in favour of the more popular early Death’s Head series, but which initially enjoyed string sales buoyed by being the most “superhero” of the first “Genesis 1992” titles, which also included Death’s Head IIWarheadsMotormouth (later, Motormouth & Killpower) and Hell’s Angel (later, Dark Angel, due to a trademark challenge from the Hells Angels). 

Initially written by both Dan Abnett and John Tomlinson, later issues by Dan alone, the series, which also featured in Marvel UK’s UK title Overkill, included art by the late Phil Gascoine and John Royle.

While some issues of the first Knights of Pendragon series have been previously collected, by both Panini UK and Hachette, this is the first time the second series has enjoyed re-presentation, and the inclusion of Mys-Tech Wars – Marvel UK’s only crossover series, featuring appearances by both British and American superheroes, written by Dan Abnett, drawn by Bryan Hitch, is welcome.

Mys-Tech Wars #1 - Gatefold Cover
Mys-Tech Wars #1 – Gatefold Cover

The story sees Death’s Head II, Dark Angel, Motormouth and more battle MyS-Tech and events leads into the formation of the Dark Guard, also included in the upcoming omnibus.

The Fantastic Four, X-Men, the original Nick Fury, and other Marvel heroes, including Hulk, Captain America, Captain Britain, and Doctor Strange cameo in the Mys-Tech Wars storyline, which played out in a four-issue limited series and numerous Marvel UK titles.

Dark Guard was written by Dan Abnett with art by the late Carlos Pacheco, his first regular book for Marvel UK after making his debut in a short back up strip for Motormouth and Killpower, written by Matthew Hyde.

Dark Guard #1 (Marvel UK) - cover by Carlos Pacheco
Dark Guard #1

Dark Guard are a superteam comprising Marvel UK’s major characters including Death’s Head, Dark Angel and Motormouth, a series that would have continued beyond the four issues published in 1993 and 1994, had the company not been impacted by events at Marvel Comics in the United States.

The opening page of the unpublished Dark Guard #5, art by Carlos Pacheco, inked by Mark Farmer. With thanks to Adrian Clarke
The opening page of the unpublished Dark Guard #5, art by Carlos Pacheco, inked by Mark Farmer. With thanks to Adrian Clarke

The Marvel UK “Genesis 1992” line was wound up, many projects abandoned, as documented by us here on downthetubes, its London offices closed, much unpublished art thrown into a skip by management over a weekend, before an eventual move to Panini UK’s offices in Tunbridge Wells. (Panini then owned by Marvel but today a separate company).

Knights Of Pendragon: Omnibus (2023)

You can order this collection from Forbidden Planet or AmazonUK, or your local comic shop now

Knights Of Pendragon: Omnibus (Davis First Series Cover Hardcover)

Since the days of King Arthur, the mystical Green Knight has been the protector and embodiment of Britain. Now, as Earth faces environmental disaster, several unlikely champions – including detective Dai Thomas, reporter Kate McClellan and writer Ben Gallagher – find themselves empowered to protect the land! 

But what are the mysterious spirits of the Pendragon? And can these newly minted heroes – along with Union Jack and World War Two hero Albion – unravel the mystery of the Omni-Corporation and stave off the arcane evil of the Bane? It’s a moody and suspenseful thriller as only Marvel UK can provide! 

And when the Knights formally become a superteam, they’ll face the menaces of Mys-Tech, Baron Blood, Death’s Head II – and the Bane’s terrifying master, the Red Lord! 

• Order this collection from Forbidden Planet or AmazonUK

Collecting: Knights of Pendragon (1990) 1-18, Knights of Pendragon (1992) 1-15, Mys-Tech Wars (1993) 1-4, Dark Guard (1993) 1-4, and the one-off KoP story from Marvel Comics Presents #122

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Mys-TECH Wars and Dark Guard Cover Montage

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