Incredible Nottingham hoard amassed over almost two decades goes under hammer at Unique Auctions, includes Gerry Anderson memorabilia, British and US comics

Pictures of an incredible hoard recovered from a house in Nottingham earlier this year by the  Unique Auctions team
Pictures of an incredible hoard recovered from a house in Nottingham earlier this year by the Unique Auctions team

Probably the biggest Hoarder Collection ever to go under the hammer in Lincolnshire takes place later this month – and it’s one comics and Gerry Anderson fans just may want to check in on.

Approximately 3000 lots, the result of a house clearance in Nottingham, the contents escaping being taken to landfill, and will be sold by Unique Auctions over four days by auction from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th October 2020.

Metro reports the hoarder died suddenly earlier this year at the age of just 44, and had moved into a B&B for the last year of his life He was a bachelor who had lived alone in the three bedroom house in Nottingham.

It’s believed the man, who worked as a computer programmer, originally started collecting with the intention that it would eventually fund his retirement.

Terry Woodcock, Chief Auctioneer at Unique, reveals it took eight men twelve days to empty one terraced house, many room rammed to the ceiling with items from the 1950s through to the 1970s, bought on eBay from 2003 onwards, some never even opened. It took weeks to unpack and sort all the items now up for auction.

Included in these auctions are thousands of comics, including bulk lots of Gerry Anderson series annuals such as Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds, alongside US comics; an excellent collection of Space and Russian Space exploration items including slides, negatives, signed items, related books; large collections of The Beatles memorabilia and collectables, including Jigsaw Puzzles, books, posters; binoculars, camera and lenses; radios, receivers and radio equipment; hundreds of chemistry sets and electronic sets; a large quantity of cinema and other film reels featuring items on the United Nations, Steamboats, the 20th Century, US president Harry Truman, the American military; books and magazines on many famous figures, including Gandhi, Churchill and more; and many Elvis Presley-related LPs and records, including signed letters from Colonel Tom Parker to Elvis.

  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Eagle
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - British Comics
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Ladybird Books
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Fireball XL5 Annuals
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Supercar and other Annuals
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Stingray Annuals
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Joe 90
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Thunderbirds Annuals
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Thunderbirds 3D Painting Set
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 -TV Comic and TV21 Annuals
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Captain Scarlet
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Apollo Saturn V Rocket Model
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Model Kits
  • Nottingham Hoard 2020 - Thunderbirds Toys

Incredibly, what is in the auction barely scrapes the surface of what was recovered – and the gentleman hoarder owned not one house – but two.

“This just goes to show that you should always consult somebody regarding items you might want to, or think of selling”, Terry suggests. “We never know what we’re going to find in any clearances that we are asked to value, but we offer a total free service.”

• This Hoarders Auction run by Unique Auctions over four days by auction from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th October. | Web Site | Bidding on The-Saleroom (Registration Required) | Viewing will take place on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st October

• Unique Auctions, The Unique Auctions Building, Vincent Court, Turnstone Road, Teal Park, Lincoln, LN6 3AD | Items Always Accepted For All Future Sales. Complete House Clearances Handled Daily | If you would like further information email or telephone 01522 690444

• Hoarding is highly prevalent (approximately 2-5% of the population – that is potentially over 1.2 million people in the UK alone) and when severe, is associated with substantial functional disability and represents a great burden for the sufferers, their families and society. If you or someone you know is affected by this, then you may find a useful resource | NHS – Hoarding Disorder Page

With thanks to Norman Boyd for the heads up

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