Lakes Festival Podcast “How to Make a Comic” Special released, with Pete Taylor

Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast Episode 21 - Pete Taylor

There’s a very different episode of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival out now. Rather than interviewing a comic creator, the team pick comic artist Pete Taylor‘s brains about how to create a comic.

Starting from the beginning with thinking up ideas to writing and then drawing the comic, Pete, co-creator of Monster Kids, guides you through the entire process, finishing up with what many creators believe is the hardest part – promotion.

“All this was discussed to help us in our journey of creating our own comic,” says Ian Loxam, “but we hope it helps others as well.”

The Smell of Starving Boys - Cover SMALLReviewed this issue by Ian and Nicole Bates are Square #16 Summer Diaries by Ian M which, a day to day comic of Ian’s life; and The Smell of Starving Boys by Frederik Peters and Loo Hui Phang, which follows an exploration into the territories of the west of Mississippi as a group of three map an area they hope one day will support a new civilisation.

Mike Williams continues his look at TV series moving into comics with the wonderful Sons of Anarchy – and there’s plenty of Festival news, too. Yes… the news has started. Time to get all excited!

Check out the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast here

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