Doctor Who: Panel to Panel probes Doctor Who Magazine editor Marcus Hearn

Current Doctor Who Magazine editor Marcus Hearn (left) and then DWM editor Gary Russell at Marvel UK in the 1990s. Photo: Tim Quinn

Current Doctor Who Magazine editor Marcus Hearn (left) and then DWM editor Gary Russell at Marvel UK in the 1990s. Photo: Tim Quinn

Episode #94 of Jeremy Bement‘s Doctor Who: Panel to Panel podcast is live, and current Doctor Who Magazine editor-in-chief Marcus Hearn joins him for an extensive interview.

As well as being editor of DWM, Marcus – who I first worked with back in my days as DWM editor! – is the acclaimed author of Doctor Who: The Vault and Thunderbirds: The Vault, The Art of Hammer, Hammer Glamour, The Hammer Story (with Alan Barnes) and The Hammer Vault.

His other books include authorised biographies of filmmakers George Lucas and Gerry Anderson, and Eight Days a Week, the story of The Beatles’ final world tour.

Marcus discusses his career as both a writer and editor, his love of Doctor Who and what we can expect from his tenure on DWM – including hints at Series Eleven and how the magazine will cover it!

This is a fantastic interview, as Marcus also touches on his hopes for a collection of the TV Century 21 “The Daleks” strip and offers a fascinating insight into just what classic British comic strip is still “out there” in various archives and held by private collectors – and some of his more dispiriting finds, such as art by Ron Embleton with bootprints on it, or boards recked by water damage. But it’s also very positive about the chances of new collections.

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Older episodes of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel are archived on the Internet Archive

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