New Quantum comic anthology from Time Bomb Comics preps for April, bimonthly launch

Following up on the excitement of the announcement of Quantum, the new bimonthly heading to newsagents in April, Birmingham-based publisher Time Bomb Comics has revealed the full content list and first issue cover, by David Morris and Ben Lopez.

Quantum #1 cover by David Morris and Ben Lopez

Quantum #1’s striking cover features the characters starring inside, revealing a heady mix of both brand new content and existing characters who have become favourites with Time Bomb’s already established readership.

“There’s a whole readership out there that don’t buy comics online, at conventions or even comic shops,” says Time Bomb Comics Publisher Steve Tanner, speaking about his hopes for the new, full colour, perfect bound 52-page comic anthology, and the decision behind Quantum’s opening line up.

Quantum is what we’ve produced for those readers, but who are unfamiliar with some of the characters Time Bomb has become known for.

Quantum seemed a great opportunity to create brand new stories with those characters,” he adds, “as well as presenting again one or two strips from the past that we think deserved inclusion.”

The format of the new anthology, blending new and reprint strips in an all-new title will be familiar to older British comic readers who grew up reading Marvel UK titles such as Hulk Weekly, but Steve has, as usual, given the combination its own unique twist.

Concept art for the new “WesterNoir: Moon Cursed” strip for Quantum, by Joseph Parangue
Concept art for the new “WesterNoir: Moon Cursed” strip for Quantum, by Joseph Parangue
“Major Rakhana”, part of the Quauntum lineup, debuted in another Time Bomb Comics title, Brawler
“Major Rakhana”, part of the Quauntum lineup, debuted in another Time Bomb Comics title, Brawler

“Rather than straightforward reprints, the two stories in Quantum issue one that have been previously published have been given a bit of an upgrade,” he emphasises, “so even those familiar with get something new.

“Not every issue of Quantum will contain reprint material, but when it does we want it to be a bit special. Not least because we’re hoping that a lot of our existing readers will come along for the Quantum ride too – via their newsagent, of course!”

Time Bomb Comics has been publishing comics and graphic novels since 2007 With such diverse titles as Dick Turpin, Defiant, Bomb Scares, Flintlock, Rotten Under the Snow, Brawler and Harker.

Quantum offers the opportunity to find out more about “The Clockwork Cavalier”
Quantum offers the opportunity to find out more about “The Clockwork Cavalier

The full story list for Quantum #1 is: “Major Rakhana: Pax Galactica” part one (written by Steve Tanner, artist Pete Woods, colourist Dan Harris, letterer Rob Jones); “WesterNoir: Moon Cursed” part one (written and lettered by Dave West, artist Joseph Parangue, colourist Matt Soffe); “Memphis” (written, drawn and lettered by David Morris); “Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man?” part one (written by Dave West, artist, the late, missed Marleen Starksfield Lowe, letterer Andy Bloor), first published by Accent Comics; and “The Clockwork Cavalier” (written by Steve Tanner, artist Ed Machiavello, colourist Dan Harris, letterer the late, missed, Bolt-01).

Quantum #1 also features a short gag strip from Time Bomb director David Morris’ “The Tale of Norton the Dragon” series, originally published as a newspaper strip in the 1980s (and, more recently, in LAMP Magazine), and exclusive editorial content.

Norton the Dragon by David Morris

The comic is a tongue-in-cheek journey through mythological and historical England, following Norton himself as he causes no havoc across the countryside; he goes fishing for whales, he kidnaps Rudolph the reindeer and he gets vandalised (by the Vandals). With Morris’ art bringing everything to life like a more anglo-centric Asterix, it’s bright, hilarious and wonderfully readable.

Quantum will be available in retail newsagents and select comic shops in late April 2023, and will have new issues available every two months.

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