Panel Borders chats with Dickon Harris in an Anarchist Restaurant

Comic creator Paul O’Connell drops us a line to say an interview he did with ‘zine creator and regular Panel Borders interviewer Dickon Harris will feature on London’s Resonance FM tomorrow night.

The interview took place at the end of this year’s London Zine Symposium,” says Paul, “and while you might be able to surmise from the interview that I had been drinking a fair amount (it’s a very poor coping mechanism I have developed for such events), what you unfortunately won’t catch is how the interview took place in the event’s anarchist cafe — and that sitting across the table from myself and Dickon was a man intently eating a plate of felafels and salad and trying his best to ignore us.

“I found the concept of Anarchist Catering curious,” Paul adds. (You can read more about his experiences here on his blog). They certainly took a dim view to him trying to liberate felafels…

• Dickon Harris ignores Paul O’Connell is broadcast on Thursday 7th October at 5.00pm on Resonance FM and then available as a Panel Borders Podcast – ‘The Sound of Drowning and Gentlemen Corpses’ soon after

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