Panel Borders: The Last Ride of the Western Heroes

Continuing the Panel Borders comic radio show’s month of programming about genre in comics, Alex Fitch talks to creators of small press and mainstream cowboy comics.

In the 300th radio show that Alex Fitch has made for Resonance FM, he talks to veteran comics writer John Ostrander about his classic serialised graphic novel The Kents featuring the history of Superman’s great grandparents in 19th century Kansas and their encounters with the Luthors of the time, which is being re-released in three ‘100 page giants’ this winter.

Alex and John also talk about Blaze of Glory: The Last Ride of the Western Heroes, Grimjack and his unrealized Doctor Who audio western.

Plus, in an interview recorded at this year’s Bristol Small Press Expo, Tim Keable and Andrew Cheverton talk about their ongoing comic West, which has recently included horror tropes and guest artists plus their future plans for the title and its graphic novel collections.

• Panel Borders: The Last Ride of the Western Heroes airs at 8.00pm, Sunday 13th November, Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed at / extended podcast after broadcast at

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