Planet Jimbot releases ‘Savant’

Savant Issue 1Planet Jimbot, the indie publishing house run by comic creators Jim Alexander and Jim Campbell, has just published the first issue of Savant, a stunning science fiction story originally conceived for STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine.

Savant, by Jim Alexander, Will Pickering and Fin Cramb introduces the mysterious memory-gatherer, Lode from the planet Savant, who has gone walkabout around the universe. She chooses to chronicle the lives of the dying, and as a result seeks out war zones. She is not a harbinger of death; but it is death nevertheless that draws her in like a moth to a flame.

Her travels bring her to Hubris, a planet ripped apart by war. Here, she is recruited by local government forces to help hunt down a war criminal. It is a journey that will take her to the mouth of madness. The End of Days itself…

As the original editor on the tale, I’m of course biased, but for me it’s one of Jim Alexander’s best SF stories, a great ‘high concept’ tale, beautifully realized by Will (who’s perhaps best known for his work on the Burke & Hare graphic novel) for this edition. Well worth checking it out and tracking down a copy.

savant-01-sample=panel3Originally commissioned by Print Media for STRIP, the late Josep Lluis Ferrer and Carlos Vila began work on the project back in 2011, but when administrative issues hit the project on the publisher’s side, Jim decided to re-purpose the story for Planet Jimbot, with Will delivering some beautiful pages of art for the story.

Savant author and Planet Jimbot publisher Jim Alexander had his publishing debut as writer of ‘Calhab Justice’ for Judge Dredd Megazine. He went on to write for DC (Birds of Prey, Batman 80 Page Giant), Marvel (Marvel Milestones) and Tokyopop (Star Trek Manga). He also worked with artists David Lloyd and Richard Corben on the esteemed European publication Metal Hurlant.

• Savant #1: 24 pages. All colour. For more info visit the Planet Jimbot Facebok page or drop a line to

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  1. Simply a fantastic book, there’s no bias there, fella 🙂

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