Resident Alien artist Steve Parkhouse interviewed for new MarkWHO77 videocast

Mark Baumgarten, the man behind the award-winning science fiction radio show, MarkWHO42’s Universe, is co-producing an offshoot, MarkWHO77, a series of interviews with British comic book creators that have a connection with The77 Publications.

The latest episode, co-produced by Mark with The77 Publications Ben Cullis, and one of Mark’s MarkWHO42’s cohosts, Vicky Jakubowski, centres on an interview with Doctor Who and Resident Alien comic script writer Steve Parkhouse, available to watch now on YouTube.

A new episode with Doctor Who and Star Trek comic creator Mike Collins follows next week.

Mark tells us more episodes will follow, with The77 artist Andrw Sawyers lined up to be interviewed soon.

MarkWHO42’s Universe, my main show, can also be heard on Subspace Radio Network, an online radio station,” Mark tells downthetubes. “The show used to be Doctor Who-centric but is now general science fiction. We’ve had over 150 celebrity guests.”

The latest episode of the show, “Taking the Lifeboat to Lawless”, includes interviews with Steve Bull and Ben Cullis from The77 Publications team, released before this weekend’s well-received Lawless comic convention in Bristol. An earlier episode, “This Show is Haunted – Again!”, features an interview with Dave Heeley, Ian Stopforth, and Jo Heeley discussing what new gruesome goodies feature in the second issue of The77 Publcations enjoyable new horror anthology.

Check out all the MarkWHO77 episodes on The77 Publications YouTube channel

Check out Mark’s regular MarkWHO42’s Universe online at

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