Something for the Weekend: British Comic Shop Releases (26th August 2015)

2000AD Prog 1945

Here’s  this week’s list of comics on sale now in comic shops across the UK. As usual, our list highlights the work of British creators and publishers.

Comic artist and writer Mike Collins picked up on this regular feature’s tweaked title last week by the way, and tells me he regularly takes comics in to  local barbers. Come on, folks – join the campaign to turn the population of Britain back to comic reading…

It’s another cracking week for new comics, with 2000AD offering a stomping Prog just before the stunning-looking “Dreams of Deadworld” starts next issue (previewed here). The fine team on Judge Dredd continue to pull out all the stops as “Enceladus: Old Life” continues and along with “Grey Area” the art, combined with great scripts on this Prog is simply knock out.

Doctor Who: Four Doctors #3 Main

Over at Titan, their Doctor Who: Four Doctors mini-series reaches its mid point as the Doctor’s three most recent incarnations are drawn into a diabolical trap set by an unseen enemy that involves a continuity bomb and the chance for Neil Edwards to again burn your eyeballs with his stunning art. Paul Cornell also has chance for some engaging character moments between Doctors and companions as they continue to try and work together against a common foe. Great stuff.

Also at Titan is Issue 4 of Surface Tension, the work of the amazingly talented Jay Gunn (interviewed here), who has created a project that has deservedly attracted a lot of attention and now reaches its penultimate issue. Visually and in concept this tale, a modern combination of Quatermass and John Wyndham’s cautionary tales, hasn’t missed a step, in my view, and continues to impress. If you’ve missed it, then go grab digital back issues, now.

Also on sale in comic shops this week is the Fanfare collection of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival’s 24 Hour Marathon comic (reviewed here), along with a couple of great-looking books springing from their partnership with Borderline Press. Well worth a look.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detetive Agency #3

On the US side, don’t miss Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detetive Agency #3 from IDW publishing by Chris Ryall, with art from Ilias Kyriazis. The reborn Egyptians keep walking, the Copycat Killers keep killing, and the museum gala where these and other seemingly random events will converge looms large!

Plus, check out details below on the latest Thief of Thieves by Andy Diggle from Image and Swords Of Sorrow Pantha Jane Porter Special, written by 2000AD’s Emma Beeby.

PRVIEWS #324This week also sees the release of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalogue #324, featuring items scheduled to ship in November 2015 and beyond.

British Comic Publishers


2000AD Prog 1945

Features “Judge Dredd: Enceladus: Old Life” by Rob Williams. Henry Flint, and Annie Parkhouse; “The Alienist: The Haunting of Hex House” by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby, Eoin Coveney, and Simon Bowland; “Helium” by Ian Edginton, D’Israeli, and Ellie De Ville; “Tharg’s 3rillers: Apocalypse Anonymous” by Robert Murphy, Sean O’Connor, Abigail, Ryder, and Annie Parkhouse; and “Grey Area: Contact’ by Dan Abnett, Mark Harrison, and Ellie De Ville.

Aquila #5

Aquila #5
Writer: Gordon Rennie Artist/Cover Artist: Leigh Gallagher

Aquila has vanquished the Egyptian Spell-Queen and a Golem in his battles with the divine in Rome and now he taunts the God Jupiter himself in his temple at the heart of Rome. Aquila’s allies meanwhile search through the sewers of the Eternal City in search of its wolf-god founders while the Emperor Nero seeks a fifth and final head to complete his ascendance into godhood, and there is only one servant of the gods whose head will fit: Aquila! This is the stunning finale to the first series of the supernatural historical adventure story.

Zenith: Apex Edition

Zenith Hard Cover Phase One Apex Edition
Writer: Grant Morrison Artist/Cover Artist: Steve Yeowell

Zenith Phase One: The Apex Edition will reproduce at full size the original artwork from Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s seminal superhero story from the late 1980s. Carefully hidden away by Yeowell for almost 30 years and curated by 2000 AD’s design team, the Apex Edition will be the closest readers can get to holding the original artwork in your hands, right down to seeing faded speech balloons pasted to the surface, editorial and design marks, and Yeowell’s brush and pen strokes. Each copy of the Zenith Phase One: The Apex Edition comes individually packaged and includes an exclusive bookplate signed by artist Steve Yeowell.

Read Our Preview

Borderline Press/Fanfare

City of Crocodiles

City of Crocodiles
Writer, Artist and Cover Artist: Knut Larsson

A post-apocalyptic surreal fantasy by one of Sweden’s brightest talents. A mystic and mythical tale of one man’s search for something he wasn’t aware he needed. In a flooded city, between the houses, crocodiles swim. The crocodile hunter sells his catch to the butcher; his payment is gas and booze. They sit and play games of Croco-chess and drink glasses of crocodile wine. At home, crocodile soup simmers on the stove while the hunter sleeps in his armchair. At dawn he gets a strange catch in his nets. This wordless drama draws you in and keeps hold of you, protecting you from the cold and slimy embrace of this world of crocodiles.

Hunger House

Hunger House
Writer: Carl-Michael Edenborg Artist/Cover Artist: Loka Kanarp

This Swedish ghost story tells the tale of two sisters, Fredi and Elsa, who are wrenched from their family life when their mother dies and are thrown into an alien environment. Feeling neglected and isolated they do what two kids do – they go and explore all the places their foster parent warned them to avoid. In direct defiance of their new guardians the children delve into the secrets of an old haunted house nearby. Sometimes adult warnings are given with good reason.


Kenya Graphic Novel Volume 4: Interventions

Kenya Graphic Novel Volume 4: Interventions
Writer: Rodolphe Artist/Cover Artist: LEO

Could the answers to Kathy’s question lie at the bottom of Lake Victoria? From the shores of Lake Victoria, Kathy and Remington witnessed an extraordinary event: the coming of a massive UFO. Stunned by the sight, they’re taken prisoners by Irmanius, who’s working for the Soviets. Faced with the oddness of their situation and its potential dangers, though, Westerners and Communists decide to team up. A temporary alliance that may not survive the fantastic discoveries ahead of them.

Titan Comics

21st Century Tank Girl #1 2nd Printing

21st Century Tank Girl #1 2nd Printing (Mature Readers)
Writer: Alan Martin Artist: Jamie Hewlett & Various Cover Artist: Jamie Hewlett

From Titan Comics. Jamie Hewlett returns to Tank Girl! After a break of 20 years, artist extraordinaire Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz) is leaping back on the Tank Girl wagon, re-teaming with series co-creator Alan Martin to bring you a whole new take on the foul-mouthed, gun toting, swill-swigging hellion! Featuring riotous 100% original content from Hewlett & Martin along with contributions from a host of series stalwarts and newcomers, get your head down, put your hands over your private parts, and prepare for a chaotic collection of strips, pin-ups, and random carnage! Scheduled to ship 08/19/15. (5321)

Doctor Who 2015 Four Doctors #3 Subscription Cover

Doctor Who 2015 Four Doctors #3 (Variant Covers)
Writer: Paul Cornell Artist/Cover Artist: Neil Edwards
Into the lion’s den! The Doctors take the fight to the enemy… but have they already been outmaneuvered? The Doctor Who event of 2015 continues!

Dreamworks Classics Volume 1

Dreamworks Classics Volume 1
Writer: Dan Abnett & Various Artist: Brian Williamson, S. L. Gallant

From the hit movies to the comic pages, Titan presents classic DreamWorks tales starring Shrek and the Madagascar gang! Shrek faces a bunch of Trolls and then takes part in a pie-eating contest (against Fiona, no less!). Meanwhile over in Madagascar, the gang try to build a new house – with disastrous results – and then they go to a party at Prince Julien’s!

Peanuts Volume Three: Good Grief, More Peanuts

Good Grief More Peanuts Trade Paperback Volume 3 1952-1956 (Titan Ed)
Writer/Artist: Charles M. Schulz

The third volume in the classic Charles Schulz Peanuts collection! Filled with bitter-sweet humor and child-like innocence, join Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang in this beautiful new facsimile edition of the timeless classic Peanuts strips by the legendary cartoonist Charles Schulz. Collects strips printed between 1952 and 1956.

Peanuts Volume Four: Good Ol’ Charlie Brown

Good Ol Charlie Brown Trade Paperback Volume 4 1955-1957 (Titan Ed)
Writer/Artist: Charles M. Schulz

The fourth volume in the classic Charles Schulz Peanuts collection! Filled with bitter-sweet humour and child-like innocence, join Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang in this beautiful new facsimile edition of the timeless classic Peanuts strips by the legendary cartoonist Charles Schulz. Collects strips published between 1955 and 1957.

Minions #1 2nd Printing
Writer: Didier Ah-Koon Artist: Renaud Collin

From Titan Comics. From the creators of Despicable Me comes a brand new movie adventure in yellow — Minions. This fresh new comic featuring the stars of the upcoming new movie brings together a collection of hilarious comic stories featuring everyone’s favourite yellow, banana-loving henchmen. Scheduled to ship 08/19/15. (5321)

Surface Tension #4

Surface Tension #4
Writer, Artist and Cover Artist: Jay Gunn

The truth behind the global apocalypse – and the return of Megumi and Ryan – revealed at last! Mutation and evolution offer a way to save humanity, but are we worth saving? Return to the dark days at the end of the world, but is there hope for a new beginning? The island invaded by an alien threat, but the islanders aren’t going to go down without a fight!

Wallace & Gromit Newspaper Strips Hard Cover Volume 4Wallace & Gromit Newspaper Strips Hard Cover Volume 4
Writer: Richy K. Chandler & Various Artist: Mychailo Kazybrid, John Burns

They’re back, again! Wallace, the cheese-obsessed, uber-inventor and his ever-dependable, taciturn, canine companion, Gromit, the world’s most loyal and long suffering dog. Back for another year’s worth of pun-tastic, siliness and nonsense filled comic-strip shenanigans! Packed with even more jokes, gags and gadgets than last time! And, if it’s possible, even more CPS (Chortles Per Strip)!

US Comic Publishers


Dark Horse Comics

Conan The Avenger #17
Fight Club 2 #4

Halo Escalation #21


Halo Escalation #21
Writer: Duffy Boudreau Artist: Ian Richardson, Denis Freitas Cover Artist: Isaac Hannaford

The Absolute Record” part 3-As Commander Palmer’s Spartan team battles toward the core of the Absolute Record, a powerful new combatant enters the fray! The next chapter of the Halo saga continues here in this epic six-part sequel to Spartan Ops and The Janus Key.

Hellboy In Hell #7
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Omnibus Edition Trade Paperback Book 1
Mulan Revelations #3
New Mgmt #1 Main Kindt Cover
Pastaways #6
Sundowners Trade Paperback Volume 2
Tomorrows #2
Usagi Yojimbo Saga Ltd Edition Hard Cover Volume 4
Usagi Yojimbo Saga Trade Paperback Volume 4
Zodiac Starforce #1

DC Comics

Aquaman #43

Aquaman #43
Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist/Cover Artist: Trevor McCarthy

Since his exile from Atlantis, Aquaman has been exhibiting strange new powers. Now learn the secret of these powers as the former king comes face-to-face with Poseidon! And as the Atlantis of old wages war on Earth, the forces behind Arthur and Mera’s estrangement are revealed! All is not what it seems…

Batgirl #43
Batman 66 #26
Batman Arkham Knight Genesis #1
Cyborg #2
Deathstroke #9
Effigy Trade Paperback Volume 1 Idle Worship (Mature Readers)
Flash #43
GI Zombie A Star Spangled War Story Trade Paperback
Gotham By Midnight #8
Grayson #11
Harley Quinn #19

He Man The Eternity War #9

He Man The Eternity War #9
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist/Cover Artist: Pop Mhan

Snake Men can’t save you. He-Man can’t save you. The Past, the present, the future-there is no escape from Hordak. He is…the Master of the Universe! Teela’s visions show destruction and fear throughout the cosmos and the fabric of creation-only those with darkness already in their hearts are spared by joining the Horde in its anarchy. But with these visions clouded, King Adam may still be able to turn the tides of time to save us all-but by attack, or surrender?

JLA Gods And Monsters #3
Justice League 3001 #3
Justice League Dark Trade Paperback Volume 6 Lost In Forever

Justice League Of America #3

Justice League Of America #3
Writer: Bryan Hitch Artist: Bryan Hitch, Daniel Henriques Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch

Churches of Rao are being built all over the world. A new world religion has appeared seemingly overnight. Sick people are healed. The world suddenly knows peace. So what’s wrong with this picture? The Justice League is about to violently find out.

Prez #3
Scalped Hard Cover Book 02 Deluxe Edition (Mature Readers)
Sinestro #14
Superman #43
Superman Batman Michael Turner Gallery Edition Hard Cover
Teen Titans #11
We Are Robin #3

IDW Publishing

Angry Birds Comics Hard Cover Volume 3 Sky High
Ben 10 Classics Trade Paperback Volume 5 Powerless
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency #3 – see cover above
Drive #1
Ghostbusters Get Real #3
Godzilla In Hell #2
Joe Frankenstein Hard Cover
Machi Koro Millionaires Row Exp
Maxx Maxximized #22
Mickey Mouse #3
My Little Pony Pageants & Ponies Trade Paperback
Ragnarok #6
Sherlock Holmes 7 Per-Cent Solution #1
Sherlock Holmes 7 Per-Cent Solution #1 Subscription
Skylanders #12
Tmnt Casey & April #3
Transformers Robots In Disguise Animated #2
Walt Disney Comics & Stories #722

Image Comics

Covenant #3 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)

Cowl Trade Paperback Volume 2 The Greater Good

Cowl Trade Paperback Volume 2 The Greater Good (Mature Readers)
Writer: Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel Artist: Rod Reis Cover Artist: Trevor McCarthy

With super villain threats a problem of the past, a strike on his hands, and scandal on the horizon, Geoffrey Warner has taken drastic steps to breathe life back into the Chicago Organized Workers League. But how far will his false-flag operation reach? Is there any line he won’t cross for “the greater good?”

Collects C.O.W.L. #7-11

East Of West #20
Five Ghosts Trade Paperback Volume 3 Monsters & Men
Image Giant Sized Artists Proof Edition Walking Dead #1 (Mature Readers)
Invisible Republic Trade Paperback Volume 1
Ixth Generation Trade Paperback Volume 1
Low #9 (Mature Readers)
Rasputin #8 (Mature Readers)
Roche Limit Clandestiny #4
Rumble #6 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Runlovekill Trade Paperback Volume 1 (Mature Readers)
Sons Of The Devil #4 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Spawn #255
Spread #9 (Mature Readers)
Sunstone OGN Volume 3 (Mature Readers)
They’re Not Like Us #7 (Mature Readers)

Thief Of Thieves #30

Thief Of Thieves #30 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Andy Diggle Artist/Cover Artist: Shawn Martinbrough

Redmond’s day in court arrives. Who will pay for his crimes?

Tithe Trade Paperback Volume 1

Valhalla Mad #4

Valhalla Mad #4
Writer: Joe Casey Artist/Cover Artist: Paul Maybury

An immortal mistake carries with it extremely mortal consequences. Thou must purchase this comic book!

Wayward Trade Paperback Volume 2 (Mature Readers)

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man Trade Paperback Volume 4 Graveyard Shift
Ant-Man Last Days #1 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Captain Marvel And Carol Corps #3 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Civil War #3 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #4 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
E Is For Extinction #3 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Hank Johnson Agent Of Hydra #1 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Inhumans By Paul Jenkins And Jae Lee Trade Paperback New Ptg
Iron Fist Living Weapon Trade Paperback Volume 2 Redemption

Magneto #21

Magneto #21 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Paul Davidson Cover Artist: David Yardin
• With the Earth on the verge of destruction, the Master of Magnetism is determined to be mutantkind’s savior once more…
• But at what cost?
Parental Advisory

Marvel Universe All New Avengers Assemble Digest Trade Paperback Volume 2
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #10

Marvel Zombies #3

Marvel Zombies #3 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Kev Walker Cover Artist: Ken Lashley

• Stalked across the zombie-ridden Deadlands by a merciless hunter, Elsa Bloodstone is determined to fight her way out and save the life of a child who relies on her for survival.
• But Elsa is about to learn that the child is not who (or what!) she originally claimed to be…
Rated T+

Modok Assassin #4 (Secret Wars Tie-In)

Nextwave Agents Of Hate Complete Collection Trade Paperback - New Ptg

Nextwave Agents Of Hate Complete Collection Trade Paperback – New Ptg
Writer: Warren Ellis Artist/Cover Artist: Stuart Immonen

RRRAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!! Action! Excitement! Explosions! The Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort, or H.A.T.E. (a subsidiary of the Beyond Corporation©) put NEXTWAVE together to fight Bizarre Weapons of Mass Destruction. When NEXTWAVE discovers that H.A.T.E. and Beyond© are terrorist cells themselves, and that the BWMDs were intended to kill them, they are less than pleased. In fact, they are rather angry. So they make things explode. Lots of things. Starring Monica Rambeau (formerly Captain Marvel and Photon), Aaron Stack (Machine Man), Tabitha Smith (X-Force’s Meltdown), monster-hunter Elsa Bloodstone and The Captain!

If you like anything, you will LOVE NEXTWAVE! BOOM! Included on the Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for 2007 by the Youth Adult Library Services Association, Nextwave is a pure extraction of comic-book action and adventure, with plenty of kicks, punches and explosions along the way! Collecting NEXTWAVE: AGENTS OF H.A.T.E. #1-12.

Parental Advisory

Old Man Logan #4 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Return Of Living Deadpool Trade Paperback
Shield #9
Spider-Woman #10 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Star Wars Lando #3
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Rise Of Sith Trade Paperback Volume 1
Uncanny Avengers Trade Paperback Volume 1 Counter Evolutionary

Where Monsters Dwell #4

Where Monsters Dwell #4 (Secret Wars Tie-In)
Writer: Garth Ennis Artist: Russell Braun Cover Artist: Frank Cho

• Karl Kaufmann, a.k.a. THE PHANTOM EAGLE, is in hot water. Literally.
• Between dinosaurs, amazonians and even crazier problems, Karl has never been in a tighter spot.
Rated T+

Wolverines Trade Paperback Volume 4 Destiny
X-Men 92 #3 (Secret Wars Tie-In)

Other Publishers

Lakes International Comic Art Festival 24x7 Anthology

Lakes International Comic Art Festival 24×7 Anthology


24 By 7 Hard Cover
Writer/Artist: Various & Various (Fanfare)

At 3pm on Thursday, October 16, 2014 in the small market town of Kendal in England, 7 artists entered a room and started to draw. By 9pm the following day 7 comic books were being collected from the printer to form part of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. The artists worked around the clock on coffee and smiles to produce “a spread of seven comics as diverse as they are witty as they are beautiful to behold.” From witches to scribbles, paperclips to salty tales, hand-me-downs to chance encounters and doomed love, all were created in 24 hours by quality artists (in order of appearance) Sarah McIntyre, Joe Decie, Kristyna Baczynski, Fumio Obata, Jack Teagle, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and finally curator and editor Dan Berry.

Read Our Review

Adventure Time #43
Adventures Of Basil And Moebius Hard Cover Volume 2 Shadow Gambit (Mature Readers)
Ajin Graphic Novel Volume 6 Demi Human
Aliens Vs Zombies #2 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Alone Graphic Novel Volume 4 Red Cairns
Attack On Titan Before The Fall Graphic Novel Volume 5
Attack On Titan Graphic Novel Vol 16
Attack On Titan Graphic Novel Vol 16 Playing Card Deck Sp Edition
Betty & Veronica #277 Parent Reg Cover
Big Trouble In Little China #15
Black Tiger #1
Blood & Honor Foreworld Saga Graphic Novel Volume 1
Bloodshot Reborn #2 2nd Ptg
Bloodshot Reborn #3 2nd Ptg
Book Of Death Fall Of Ninjak #1 Cover A Kano (One Shot)

Book Of Death Fall Of Ninjak #1 (One Shot)

Book Of Death Fall Of Ninjak #1 (One Shot)
Writer: Matt Kindt Artist: Trevor Hairsine Cover Artist: Kano
So let it be written, so let it be done…

In the ruins of his mansion, Colin King hunkers down as the last living member of Unity after the Third Armor Hunt – or so he thinks. A visit from an old friend and a peace offering present the chance for Ninjak to break the cycle of death and escape the horrible fate foretold in the Book of the Geomancer. Will he betray his dead friends or will THE FALL OF NINJAK come to pass and give rise to a very familiar future…

The superstar team that brought you DIVINITY – New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine – reunite to reveal an essential new chapter of BOOK OF DEATH, ripped from the future of the Valiant Universe!

Crimson Hard Cover Volume 1 (Mature Readers)
Crypt Of Horror #26
Dance In Vampire Bund Omnibus Volume 6 (Mature Readers)
Dead Drop #4 Cover A Allen
E-Man Early Years Trade Paperback
Fairy Tail Blue Mistral Graphic Novel Volume 1
Fm Pres Bornhome #2 (Variant Covers)
Four Points #4 (Variant Covers)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales Coven #2 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales Oz Reign Of Witch Queen #4 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Hacktivist Vol 2 #2
Hero Cats Trade Paperback Volume 2
Hunger House Hard Cover
I Play The Bad Guy #6
Inuyashiki Graphic Novel Volume 1 (Mature Readers)
Jennifer Blood Born Again Trade Paperback

John Carter Warlord #10

John Carter Warlord #10 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Writer: Ron Marz, Ian Edginton Artist: Ariel Medel Cover Artist: Fritz Casas

It ain’t easy being green! With John Carter and Dejah Thoris lost somewhere in the Martian wastes, Thark chieftain Tars Tarkas takes it upon himself to search for his missing friends. Accompanied by the most fearsome of sidekicks in Woola, the shocking threat Tars uncovers in the desert sands is beyond even his warrior skills. Mighty Martian action in the tradition of creator Edgar Rice Burroughs!

Lady Mechanika #0
Lets Dance A Waltz Graphic Novel Volume 3
Lumberjanes #17
Maria The Virgin Witch Exhibition Trade Paperback (Mature Readers)
Marquis Of Anaon Graphic Novel Volume 1 Isle Of Brac
Munchkin #8
Ninjak #4 2nd Ptg
Ninjak #6 (Variant Covers, New Arc)
One Punch Man Graphic Novel Volume 1
One Punch Man Graphic Novel Volume 2
Out On Wire Storytelling Secrets New Masters Radio Graphic Novel
Over The Garden Wall #1
Priest & Brights Quantum & Woody Trade Paperback Volume 1 Klang
Princeless Be Yourself #3
Puppet Master #5 Main Cover (Mature Readers)
Pussycats #4 (Mature Readers)
Q2 Rtn Of Quantum & Woody Dlx Hard Cover
Robocopper (Oneshot)
Say I Love You Graphic Novel Volume 9

Sherlock Holmes Vs Harry Houdini Trade Paperback

Sherlock Holmes Vs Harry Houdini Trade Paperback
Writer: Anthony Del, Conor McCreery Artist: Carlos Furuzono Cover Artist: John Cassaday

The world’s most famous detective meets the world’s most famous magician… and death ensues! Famed sleuth Sherlock Holmes and brash showman Harry Houdini must combine forces to defeat a mysterious mystic dedicated to destroying Houdini’s career and killing anyone who gets in his way. Written by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, the Harvey Award-nominated creators of Kill Shakespeare!

Sixth Gun Valley Of Death #3
Snowden Graphic Novel
Soddyssey & Other Tales Of Supernatural Law Trade Paperback
Solitary Trade Paperback
Sonic Super Digest #13
Sonic Universe #79 Stanley Reg Cover
Sons Of Anarchy #24 (Mature Readers)
Space Dumplins Graphic Novel Hard Cover Volume 1
Space Dumplins Graphic Novel Volume 1
Stan Lee Chakra The Invincible #2
Stringers #1
Sunny Side Up Graphic Novel
Supernatural Law Trade Paperback Zombie Wife & Other Tales

Swords Of Sorrow Pantha Jane Porter Special

Swords Of Sorrow Pantha Jane Porter Special
Writer: Emma Beeby Artist: Rod Rodolfo Cover Artist: Mirka Andolfo

Ancient Egyptian demon hunter and shape shifter, Pantha, is thrown across a Rift into the early twentieth century London, straight into the path of Jane Porter, American explorer, aviatrix and new wife to Tarzan. Pantha hasn’t come alone, however, as London is plunged into chaos by the appearance of a Great Pyramid in the sky… and what it contains. Up against gods, monsters, Purgatori, and each other, the pair need all the help that ancient magic and modern aviation can supply to stop London from turning into a new hell on earth. Writer Emma Beeby (Judge Dredd, Doctor Who) and artist Rod Rodolfo (Battlestar Galactica, John Carter: Warlord of Mars) reimagine these two characters – complete with all new costumes – in this turn-of-the-century pulp-action one-shot adventure.

Swords Of Sorrow Sonja Jungle #2
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #93 Neon Monster Cover (Mature Readers)
Tick Big Blue Destiny Comp Works (New Ptg) Trade Paperback
Usagi Jane And The Skullbunnies Graphic Novel Volume 1
Vampire Brat & Other Tales Of Supernatural Law Trade Paperback
We Can Never Go Home #4 (Mature Readers)
X-O Manowar Trade Paperback Volume 9 Dead Hand
Your Lie In April Graphic Novel Volume 3
Zombie Tramp Ongoing #14 Main Cover (Mature Readers)
Zombillenium Hard Cover Volume 3 Control Freaks


Alter Ego #135
Back Issue #83
Cinema Retro Classics American Westerns Clint Eastwood
Comic Book Creator #9
Comic Shop News #1471
Comics Revue Presents Aug 2015
DC Batman Auto Figure Magazine #64 Batman #366 Joker Copter
Doctor Who Magazine #489
Famous Monsters Of Filmland #272 History Of Sci-Fi Cover
Famous Monsters Of Filmland #273
Girls And Corpses Magazine Summer 2015 (Mature Readers)
Nickelodeon Magazine #3
Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol 38
Ultra Violent Magazine #12


Agatha H & Voice Of The Castle Girl Genius Novel Hard Cover
Art Of Dave Seeley Hard Cover
Attack On Titan Harsh Mistress Of City Part 1 Novel
Danzig Lyric Book (Mature Readers)
Devil Is Part Timer Light Novel Volume 2
Dick Grayson Boy Wonder 75 Years Robin Nightwing Batman Soft Cover
Drukija Contessa Of Blood Limited Soft Cover(Mature Readers)
Falcon Fight Or Flight Year Chapter Book
Glenn Fabry Sketchbook Volume 3 (Mature Readers)
Joss Whedon Biography Soft Cover
Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree Illus Hard Cover
Spice And Wolf Novel Vol 15 (Mature Readers)
Star Wars Ships Of The Galaxy Hard Cover
Warhammer 40k Pyres Of Armageddon Hard Cover


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• 2015 Annuals Checklist

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