Striker site down – but no early bath for the strip, says creator

 Striker Issue 1 - Cover
Football comics seem to be getting it in the neck this month – after the demise of the print edition of Comic Football (due to return online later this year), fans have alerted us to say that the official Striker comic web site and forum have now gone down.
But don’t be alarmed – the situation is only temporary, according to creator Pete Nash, who will be sorting out the problem, he hopes, in the next week, so fans will hopefully soon regain online access to the Striker strips.

Responding to concerns over the site’s problems has also prompted Pete to reveal some tantalising hints that the strip – which used to be published The Sun and Nuts – is about to step into the limelight once more, in some form.

“As quiet as everything has been, there is a lot that has been going on with regard to Striker and the other projects, which I and the consortium I am working with hope will come to fruition by the end of the year,” he told Striker fans.

“Sounds cryptic, I know, but confidentiality issues prevent me from saying more.”

• Official Striker site: (not live at present)

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