Unpublished Captain Britain cover goes under the hammer, alongside other early Marvel UK art

An unused cover by Ron Wilson for Marvel UK’s original weekly Captain Britain comic features in an upcoming Heritage Auction.

Captain Britain #29 Cover - Unpublished aversion by Ron Wilson
The unpublished cover of Captain Britain #29, by Ron Wilson

Intended for use in #29, published in April 1977, the good Captain, in his original costume, is featured fighting Lord Hawk on this exciting, but ultimately unused cover design.

One of many covers created for Marvel UK from out of the parent company’s New York “Bullpen”, Ron’s cover was dropped in favour of a striking image believed created by Larry Lieber and Frank Giacoia, who did so many British Marvels together.

The published cover of Captain Britain #29, with thanks to Lew Stringer
The published cover of Captain Britain #29, with thanks to Lew Stringer

Created in pure graphite on Marvel’s “British Book” Bristol board with an image area of 10.25″ x 13.75″, the auction lot description notes Ron’s art has been folded and creases horizontally through the image area.

The artwork is one of a number of vintage British Marvel covers coming up for auction at Heritage including these, which artist David Roach are also be by Ron Wilson, one featuring the giant J Jonah Jameson robot (a Spiderslayer perhaps?), perhaps inked by Mike Esposito. A cover by Pablo Marcos for Mighty World of Marvel #294 also features.

Spider-Man Comics Weekly #54 Cover
Spider-Man Comics Weekly-55 Cover

All these items feature in Heritage Auctions 14th – 17th January 2021 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction in Dallas. Many Marvel US covers also feature, including art by Frank Brunner, Howard Chaykin, Gene Colan, Gil Kane and John Romita Sr. (also including a Mighty World of Marvel splash page), and Jim Starlin.

  • Dick Sprang - The Batcave Revealed Batman and Robin Original Art (1993)
  • Duncan Fegredo - Sandman Presents: Love Street #1 Cover Original Art (DC, 1999)
  • Frank Hampson Eagle Volume 2 Issue 50 -  Dan Dare
  • Glenn Fabry - Constantine Original Art Illustration (1994)
  • Howard Chaykin and Richard Ory SPY Magazine "Commuting into Manhattan" Painting Original Art (1989)
  • Jamie Hewlett - Deadline Magazine #7 Tank Girl Double Page Spread 2-3 Original Art (Deadline Publications, 1989
  • Jamie Hewlett and Glyn Dillon - Judge Dredd's Rough Justice Cover Painting Original Art (Titan Books, 1991)
  • Jim Starlin - Warlock #6 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1992)
  • Marshall Rogers - Doctor Strange Painting Original Art (1979)
  • Pablo Marcos Mighty World of Marvel #294 Cover featuring the Hulk
  • Pete Doherty Judge Dredd the Magazine #12 cover, featuring Judge Death
  • Mighty World of Marvel #175 Cover  by Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito  featuring the Hulk

British artists work featured includes art by Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead), Doug Braithwaite (Justice), Eddie Campbell (From Hell), Glenn Fabry (Constantine), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Duncan Fegredo (Love Street), Frank Hampson (Dan Dare), and Jamie Hewlett (including Tank Girl, for Deadline).

View the unused Captain Britain cover by Ron Wilson here

Heritage Auctions 14th – 17th January 2021 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction

Captain Britain collections from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

With thanks to David Roach for the tip and. Lew Stringer for the published Captain Britain cover

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