Victory for Fans? Striker May Return to The Sun’s Print Edition Next Week

Striker - 2016- - Episode 58

Today’s Striker strip

After outcry from fans after it was moved out of the daily newspaper and onto its web site, Striker may return to The Sun‘s print edition next week.

The national newspaper only took the decision to move the strip online earlier this month so if agreement can be reached with its creator, the about turn is swift, no doubt the result of fan uproar, some of it posted here on downthetubes

Many threatened to stop buying the paper altogether if it wasn’t brought back.

“I’d like to thank all of the fans who posted messages of support,” Striker creator Pete Nash told downthetubes.

“I heard on Thursday that The Sun would like Striker back – and were hoping to have it back in the paper from this weekend or Monday,” Pete told the strip’s fans on the StrikerWorld site earlier today.

“For several reasons my reaction was lukewarm, not least because they want to reduce the size, which in my view would diminish Striker‘s appeal, as it would be almost impossible to maintain the complexities of the storyline.

“An extraordinary victory”

“Another reason is that negotiations are continuing with two other newspapers. You might wonder how difficult can this be and why hasn’t a deal been done already? Believe me, these things are never straight forward.

“I told The Sun I would be willing to continue discussions with a view to agreeing on a size, so the ball is back in their court.

“Whatever happens, this is an extraordinary victory for everyone who has complained to The Sun or stopped buying the paper.

“Many of you may not welcome the possibility of a return to The Sun after what’s happened,” Peter adds, “but the important thing is to do what’s best for Striker and the fans. Having said that, I am particularly hopeful of a deal being agreed quite soon with one of the other newspapers.

“Another reason for not making any hasty decisions is because of the Striker gaming opportunities, particularly the animated football matches that people will be able to watch for fun or bet on. This kind of development would be ideally supported by the strip being shown in an animated version – or at least a motion comic format to begin with – that was promoted on social media. And a daily newspaper strip would have to complement any other version, as you couldn’t have two storylines or one that was getting ahead of the other.”

Peter says he is again looking at other options to promote the strip, beyond its newspaper publication.

“I’m also looking at the possibility of launching Striker as a monthly comic/magazine,” he reveals, “which I’m sure would please fans of the old weekly comic. It could feature the previous month’s worth of strips from a paper plus retro Striker, (Psycops too?) and the usual interviews and features. Would it matter that readers would then have to wait a month for the next month’s instalment?

“As ever, your reactions to these ongoing developments are always appreciated and considered.”

• If you’re a fan of Striker, why not comment on Pete’s ideas here on the StrikerWorld forum (registration required)

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