Vworp Vworp! Compendium available for pre-order

Vworp! Vworp! Compendium

There’s a new compendium of the absolutely brilliant Doctor Who comics zine Vworp Vworp! Issues 1 and 2 available to pre-order now – packed with all manner of goodies and a sprinkle of new material, including a lost strip drawn by Brian Bolland.

Colin Brockhurst has assembled a terrific looking rework of the early issues of this fantastic zine, a collection that features all the material from Issues One and Two (sans free gifts, although all the relevant art is printed in the back pages), plus some new material.

“We resisted going all George Lucas on it and removing stuff,” publisher Gareth Kavanagh told downthetubes.

Priced £15.99, plus postage, it weighs in at a bumper 192 pages, and highlights of this newly updated compilation include…

• An update of the Vworp Vworp! artist jam cover with five new Doctors to enjoy!

Doctor Who Strip by Brian Bolland

• New to this edition, a lost Doctor Who spec strip from 1978 drawn by Brian Bolland, newly restored and coloured

Vworp! Vworp! Compendium - Steve Dillon Interview

• Interviews with comic art legends Steve Dillon, Dave Gibbons and David Lloyd, recounting in detail their time on so many seminal early Doctor Who Weekly strips

“We did the interview with Steve in his local, the Brickie Arms in 2010,” says publisher Gareth Kavanagh. “We chatted at length about his early work for Doctor Who Weekly and it was an evening to remember as he took us on a tour of Luton afterwards. Lovely man, phenomenal artist – it was our honour to feature Steve in our comprehensive look at Abslom Daak.”

• A brand new article on the early Doctor Who Weekly strip, “The Star Beast”: was Beep the Meep the only guilty party?

• The last word on the mid 90s Cybermen strip with its creators Adrián Salmon, Alan Barnes and Gary Russell

Abslom Daak explored in detail, including conversations with all his creators including the late Steve Moore, an approved recreation of the lost Daak script “World of the War-King” drawn by Martin Geraghty and, for the first time in print, the complete script to part one of “Abslom Daak… Dalek-Killer

Vworp! Vworp! Compendium - Mick McMahon

• An exclusive chat with industry legend Mick McMahon, together with an artist-led analysis of his legacy

• The creation of the weekly comic that would become Doctor Who Magazine, plus interviews with every editor from Dez Skinn to Sheila Cranna

The compilation also comes with a free gift: two A2 posters featuring a clean copy of the artist jam artwork, and newly restored and coloured Abslom Daak artwork by Steve Dillon. (This poster replaces the gifts previously offered with the original issues).

Vworp! Vworp! Compendium Promotion

Shipping in late July, the combined edition costs £15.99 and can be ordered at www.vworpvworp.co.uk. You can also add a copy of #3 (either the “Business as Usual” or “Black Legacy” cover for just £3.49 for a limited time – making less than £20 for the set (excluding postage).

Why are you still here? Activate the Time Rotor and head to the Vworp Vworp! web site now!

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  1. Does this reprint include the entirety of volumes 1 & 2 (and the variant covers), rather than a selection? The page count is high enough.

    • It’s all the material from 1 and 2 (sans free gifts, although all the relevant art is printed in the back pages), plus some new material. “We resisted going all George Lucas on it and removing stuff,” says Gareth.

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