“White Dwarf” goes weekly, “Warhammer Visions” launches 1st February

Warhammer Visions Issue 1.

Bucking the usual trend of magazines closing or going digital only, Games Workshop has announced the launch of a new, weekly White Dwarf magazine and a new monthly title – Warhammer: Visions – on 1st February 2014.

The new White Dwarf magazine will be published every Saturday starting on 1st February, delivering gaming tips and advice, painting guides, battle reports and oodles of pictures of Citadel miniatures every single week.

Warhammer: Visions, a new A5 200+ page monthly magazine, priced £7.50, will launch on the same day, described as “an eye-popping hobby extravaganza packed from cover to cover with pictures of beautifully painted miniatures including everything from Golden Demon and Armies on Parade to Kit Bash, Blanchitsu and so much more”.

The cover of White Dwarf (magazine) issue 1, released in June/July 1977 and published by Games Workshop.

The cover of White Dwarf (magazine) issue 1, released in June/July 1977 and published by Games Workshop.

Launched in 1977, White Dwarf is the official magazine of Games Workshop, the company that designs, manufactures and markets the massively popular hobby of collecting, modelling, painting and tabletop gaming with armies of model soldiers to fans all around the world.

It was home to Carl Critchlow‘s brilliant Thrud the Barbarian comic strip, most recently published by Titan Comics. (Warhammer Comic also published a huge number of comic strips, most collected, written by British creators such as Dan Abnett, Jim Alexander, Jim Campbell, Simon Coleby, Ian Edington, Colin MacNeil, Gordon Rennie and Kev Walker, to name but a few, most of which have been collected under Games Workshop’s Black Library imprint).

The magazine underwent a major change in style and content in the late 1980s, ditching features anbout rival game systems and is these days dedicated exclusively to the miniature wargames produced by Games Workshop, – Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40,000 and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Strategy Battle Game.

White Dwarf and Warhammer: Visions will be on sale from Games Workshop in their stores and many independent stockists around the world on Saturday 1st February. Digital editions of both titles will also be available from the company’s Black Library website in mobi format (for Kindles) and ePub format (for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Android devices and pretty much anything else that reads eBooks).

Warhammer: Visions will be available for iPads from the Apple AppStore. Games Workshop is launching a new version of their iPad app, which will replace the existing White Dwarf app (but still allow access to all the previous editions of monthly White Dwarf). This will enable current (and new!) iPad subscribers to download the iPad edition of Warhammer: Visions.

• An online archive of many White Dwarf articles is available online (registration required): www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/whiteDwarfLanding.jsp?articleCatId=1100004a

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