Daily Mirror comic star Garth adventures continue in latest Comics Revue magazine

Comics Revue - August 2018The August 2018 issue of Comics Revue is on sale now, with a cover by Jeremy MacPherson featuring Flash Gordon. This issue includes another Garth story by Modesty Blaise creator Peter O’Donnell, “Garth in Hollywood”, drawn by Steve Dowling and John Allard, first published in 1953.

Comics Revue - August 2018 = Garth

Published by Rick Norwood, each bi-monthly issue of Comics Revue presents 128 pages of classic comics strips, including “Flash Gordon” from both the 1960s and the 1970s; “Casey Ruggles” by Warren Tufts, “Alley Oop” by V.T. Hamlin, Steve Roper, “Tarzan”, “Gasoline Alley”, “Steve Canyon”, “Krazy Kat”, “Rick O’Shay” and, “Garth”, the latter the long-running strip from the Daily Mirror.

Comics Revue - August 2018 - Flash Gordon

• Single copies of Comics Revue are $20. One-year subscriptions in the United States are only $59. Sent overseas air post the price is $89 for one year. Order the August 2017 issue of Comics Revue at www.comicsrevue.com

• For more information, you can visit the Comics Revue page on Facebook or write Norwood at Manuscript Press, Box 336, Mountain Home, TN 37684

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Garth copyright Mirror Newspapers | Flash Gordon copyright King Features

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2 replies

  1. Would it be possible to publish a UK version of a periodical like ‘Comics Review’ consisting of assorted reprints of pages. chapters, stories from old comics and comic strips?. The American version simply reprints chapters and at least one complete long story per issue, sourced from mainly Sunday newspaper comic section strips featuring characters like Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy and many others largely unknown in the UK..Although there’s no tradition of big Sunday comic sections in the UK, there is an equivalent source of serialised strips in now-defunct standalone weekly comics like Eagle and Girl as well as Rover, Tiger, Lion, Bunty, Judy, Mandy etc
    Crowdfunding anyone?

    • It’s a great idea – some publishers are more receptive to reprints than others, as I’m sure they are in the US, too. There are a lot of newspaper strips besides the heavy hitters like Garth and Modesty Blaise that deserve an airing, as well as strips from the weekly comics. “Spaceship Away” is the closest the UK has come to this kind of title, mixing reprint with New Dan Dare tales.