Latest Eagle Times explores Infinite Possibilities of the Universe, and small corners of the classic comic, too

Reflecting its main purpose as the magazine of The Eagle Society, the latest issue of Eagle Times, available now, is dominated by reports from a recent gathering of membership in York. However, there’s plenty for the more casual fan of the Dan Dare-led comic to enjoy about this edition, if you weren’t part of that get together, and the reports themselves may encourage you to get to their next event.

Eagle Times Volume 36, No. 2 - Cover

In particular, downthetubes contributor Steve Winders address to the “York Dinner” features in full, discussing the possible ramifications of the a multiverse that might include one inhabited by Dan Dare and chums with considerable wit and clever observation. A regular, major contributor to Eagle Times, Steve’s article, for me, is an entertaining, thought provoking read.

I’m being nitpicking, I know, but I would, however, challenge his claim that parallel realities were unknown in the 1950s. While it’s true to say they didn’t feature in any Dan Dare story of the period, SF authors more widely had already exploited the concept, perhaps one of the best known examples being Murray Leinster‘s short story, “Sidewise in Time”, published in Astounding Stories, June 1934, in which portions of alternative universes replace corresponding geographical regions in this universe. (HG Wells preceded him with “A Modern Utopia” in 1903, which people from our timeline were shown traveling to another, although, admittedly, Wells used this mainly as a literary device to present his speculations of a perfect society). That said, Steve’s address is a fascinating read, and I rather wish I’d heard him give it!

Alongside other reports from the Dinner, Eagle Times Volume 36, No. 2 features some great items of wider interest, most particularly “Spaceships, From Buck Rogers 1928 to Dan Dare 1950”, by David Britton, the rather longwinded title belying an enjoyable, well illustrated feature that delivers exactly what it declares from the get go. Definitely an item for fictional space hardware fans.

Eagle Times Volume 36, No. 2 - “Spaceships, From Buck Rogers 1928 to Dan Dare 1950”, by David Britton

David also provides another feature drawing on events in Eagle’s long-running western strip, “Riders of the Range”, the latest article in an in depth guide to events in the stories and their wider historical context. Which may sound a little dry, but David’s analysis of the popular strip is informative and interesting. It would be great to see material like this collected alongside the strip itself, but while western strips remain popular in the United Stares and parts of Europe, perhaps, sadly, there isn’t the market for such an endeavour.

Steve Winders also provides other features for this jam packed, early edition of Eagle Times, publication brought forward due to the editorial team’s personal commitments in coming months. We’re treated to the concluding part of his study of “The Baden Powell Story”, a retrospective of the back page historical strip, “The Great Charlemagne”, and a look at the relatively short-lived contemporary detective strip, “Cavendish M.S.”, written by Bill Wellings (a nom de plume, we’re informed, of author Frederick Leith Wellings), drawn throughout by Patrick “Pat” Williams. Steve offers some interesting insights into why it wasn’t a success with Eagle readers, as well as comment on the character’s few adventures.

Eagle Times Volume 36, No. 2 - The Great Charlemagne

We’re also treated to the second and final part of Steve’s latest Archie Berkeley-Willoughby Chase adventure, “The Case of the Providential Puncture”, told with his usual sense of fun, and featuring an unexpected but vital guest star in a high speed car chase across London!

If you’re a fan of the original Eagle, both Eagle Times and the Society blog are excellent companions to the title, this issue no exception. My thanks to the team for this latest issue.

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