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Modesty Blaise: Ripper Jax Cover

On its way to bookshops in March is Modesty Blaise: Ripper Jax, the latest instalment of the best-selling collection of the acclaimed action adventure strip created and written by the late Peter O’Donnell. It’s been a long run for this series, with just three collections to come after this.

Modesty Blaise and Willie navigate their way through a series of dangerous missions in this new release, starting with “Ripper Jax”, as the pair plan a daring rescue when the daughter of a good friend falls in with the worst type of people. A holiday to New Zealand turns sour when an unexpected windfall makes Willie’s friend the target of a hit squad in “The Maori Contract” while “Honeygun” sees an assassin call in an old favour and betray Modesty’s trust for the last time. Finally, deep in the heart of the South American jungle a band of guerrilla fighters kidnap the wrong people and find themselves facing Modesty and Willie in “Durango”.

Author Peter O’Donnell wrote in many media, but achieved international success when he created Modesty Blaise, which was first published in 1963 and ran until 2002, as well as featuring in a series of bestselling novels and in both TV and film versions. Artist Enric Badia Romero’s numerous credits include work for 2000AD and as the long-­term artist on the Axa newspaper strip.

Introduced by How to be a Bad Birdwatcher author and long time fan Simon Barnes with art by Enric Badia Romero. Modesty Blaise: Ripper Jax will be released on the 4th March 2016.

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