Month: August 2007

Read Yourself Raw

Online comics ‘zine Read Yourself Raw has just had another update, which includes previews of new book, comic and manga releases for October 2007 and a new Essential Reading list. The site’s worth a visit for its huge links section… Read More ›

Reboot Competition

Here’s some news of a great competition (its deadline 26 August) for comic artists courtesy of Josh Roberts, who runs the terrific comics web site comicspace – if you want to track down your favourite comic creators, try here! Vancouver-based… Read More ›

Celebrity Chef

First we had Fanny Craddock, next Delia Smith, then Nigella Lawson, and now we have Maw Broon! Courtesy of those nice people at Waverley Books, Maw Broon’s Cookbook is due to be released on an unsuspecting world in October, just… Read More ›